Gayle Hope (Editor & Referee Correspondent)

My love of the NB1 started around 2011 purely down to referee Viktor Kassai. I would watch the highlights of his domestic games whenever I could find them before one day realising I had progressed to watching every NB1 game and highlight that I could find – Magyar Foci had me hooked. I was lucky enough to meet Gaby and Tom on twitter, who introduced me to a whole crowd of people who love the NB1 almost as much as I do! As a former referee and now referee mentor and assessor I tend to focus on the referees and any LOTG queries. I do try and promote a positive outlook about the referees and refereeing in general. I love the community that I have become a part of. I am mostly Northern Irish and Hungary is my adopted nation, my love for and pride in my home nation and adopted nation are equal. GAWA. Hajrá Magyarok! (Twitter: @Magyar_bmb)

Alex Ohari (Match previews & general articles)

Passionate football lover from Ottawa, Canada. Canadian-Hungarian by the way of my Grandfather, who was born in Ercsi and left to Canada during the 1956 Revolution. He would show me old newspaper clippings of the Golden Team, and eventually videos of Puskás, Kocsis and the bunch – after I showed him how to navigate YouTube. That sparked my love for football, in a country where the sport isn’t super popular. Myself, I’m a supporter of Fradi, and also Vasas in memory of my Great Uncle. Love to track & follow Hungarian players around the world, and supporter of all Hungarian clubs in European competitions. Hajrá Magyarok! (Twitter: @HungaryFooty)

Chris Barrett (Podcast)

Bio to follow. (Twitter:  @Rogue ne )

Kevin McCluskie (NB II Correspondent)

I am a Scot and football fanatic living out in Budapest since March 2017 with my fiancé and young daughter. I first became aware of Hungarian football as a young boy when I created a Roy of the Rovers type fanzine for a fictional club called Honved United; I had no idea who the real Honved were at the time, and my team ‘played’ in the Scottish Premier League! I soon learned about the real Honved as my love for all things football grew. Before moving to Hungary I got in touch with Tom and Gaby to find out as much as I could about the NB I and Hungarian football in general, and am thankful for the knowledge and enthusiasm they’ve passed. I have previously written for several football websites and contributed research papers for Supporter Direct Scotland, and look forward to indulging my growing passion for Magyar Foci in these pages. (Twitter: @KevinMcCluskie1)

Paul Treso (NB1 predictions columnist)

My parents are both Hungarian with my father leaving during the revolution of 1956 and going back to visit some years later and meeting my mother. I stumbled onto Hungarian football by reading football magazines during my summers there. It’s amazing how times have changed and we can get instant scores and even watch every Hungarian football match via the internet. I remember following Videoton’s Cup run entirely by magazine. I am a middle school Science teacher so I do this entirely for fun. Chris and I write the NB1 predictions column even though we have never met and live on opposite sides of the USA. I am happy to have stumbled up this community of Hungarian football fans. (Twitter: @MrTreso)

Tomasz Mortimer (Former Editor & site founder)

Back in April 2011, Paul Lorinczi and myself, set up to get Magyar Foci to the English speaking world. At first we began it as a bit of fun, but after a while more and more people became interested in writing for the site and over time we have expanded considerably. We now have a great team all 100% dedicated to the site and have made some great connections across the Hungarian Football network. Born in England, my Hungarian connection is my Grandfather, and from a young age he lectured me about how good Hungary once were. Ever since I’ve been hooked by the nation, writing for various publications on Magyar Foci and meeting some great people. Hopefully we can get back to them great days in the future! Hajrá Magyarok! (Twitter: @TMortimerFtbl)

Gaby Kovács (Former Editor)

After talking to Tom via Twitter for many months, back in 2011 I was asked to write a piece for the website, following a game I attended in Hungary. Having kept most of my Hungarian football thoughts to myself for years, I found myself writing with passion and enthusiasm about the sport I love in the country I adore. Tom has trusted my articles without question, and placed massive faith in me, which I will truly be grateful for forever, as the doors working for the website has opened for me, and the amazing people in the football community on twitter I now call friends, has made my life complete (Twitter: @DJGabyG)

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