Szalai Ádám confirms his retirement from the national team.

The captain of the Hungarian national team, Ádám Szalai, and the national team head coach Marco Rossi , who are preparing for the Nations League match against the Germans and the Italians, held a press conference on Wednesday from 3:30 p.m, ahead of the matches.

Szalai Ádám

I planned this press conference a little differently. This is also why I wanted to appear less in recent years. These 14 years were not enough for me to tell the story myself. I’m sitting here for one thing, our fans. I confirm the news: I will end my international career after the Italian match. It’s not a sudden thing, it’s thought out and considered. I dare say that I have been looking for the date for several months, that this is a realistic possibility.

It was a huge dream of mine to play in the national team, it was my biggest dream. The fact that I was able to participate in two European Championships, as a team captain, is a huge experience. The successes and criticisms of the past years have helped me to become an adult, a real personality. Therefore, a huge thank you to the association, the national team captains, fellow players and, of course, our fans.

I really hope that the national team continues on this path. I would like us to focus on the two important matches after the press conference. I don’t want so much drama out of this, or for it to be an award or a farewell. I will be here, I will only be in Telki less, I will not work with the national team. I am also planning for the future, but this was not a sudden decision, but a deliberate one. I have a responsibility towards the team, it’s nice that it was my own decision and that I wasn’t forced on it.

Marco Rossi

Since Ádám informed us of his decision, many things have occurred to me. I thought a lot. This is not a happy moment at all, I am not in the same mood as after our last match. But it will pass anyway, I hope we will overcome the situation.

 Of course, this decision of yours can cause problems, everyone knows how important the technical, tactical and physical aspects are, as well as the mental aspect. Ádám was a leading figure who could always be counted on from a tactical point of view. Leadership is not something you just sweat it out of yourself. Ádám’s leadership skills were recognised by everyone.

We will do our best, as in the past, to provide the same performance in the current two matches as in the past. As I always say, respect for the shirt is the most important thing, then of course the scoreboard. But if we respect the jersey, we have a chance. We know the merits of these national teams.

He will play the same role as team captain as before. He has treated this with great respect so far, I can say on behalf of the entire staff: we wish him to say goodbye to this role satisfied. And the best possible farewell is a victory with him scoring a goal.

Of course, everyone can be replaced, but it won’t be easy to find Ádám’s replacement. I trust everyone I invite to the squad, I hope to find someone who can replace him, but we lost an extremely important player.

Thank you for everything Captain.