Kisvárda 5-0 MTK Budapest

Home 5-0Away

Goal scorers:

7. Asani Jasir
31. Asani Jasir
51. Izidorio Matheus Leoni
59. Bumba Claudiu-Vasile
69. Mešanović Jasmin – Kisvárda 5-0 MTK

Starting Lineups:

12 Odyntsov Artem
5 Lazar Ćirković
6 Ötvös Bence
10 Bumba Claudiu-Vasile
17 Asani Jasir
18 Bohdan Melnyik
19 Prenga Herdi
25 Izidorio Matheus Leoni
27 Mešanović Jasmin
45 Simovic Slobodan
71 Peteleu Ionut-Andrei
1 Mijatovic Milan
2 Varju Benedek
4 Ferreira Tiago Emanuel
6 Ramadani Ylber
8 Mezei Szabolcs
10 Grozav Gheorghe-Teodor
11 Miovski Bojan
21 Balázs Benjámin
26 Drljo Andrija
27 Palincsár Martin
29 Nagy Barnabás Szabolcs


99 Németh Márk
2 Hej Viktor
7 Driton Camaj
8 Karabelyov Yanis Danielov
13 Zlicic Lázár
20 Navratil Jaroslav
21 Gosztonyi András
33 Rubus Tamás
67 Nagy Mihály Krisztián
25 Somodi Bence Máté
5 Nagy Zsombor
7 Weir James Michael
14 Kata Mihály
15 Kosznovszky Márk
18 Kocsis Bence Máté
22 Perkovic Marko
23 Kovácsréti Márk
24 Dimitrov Srdjan

Match Officials:
Referee: Erdős József
4O: Andó-Szabó Sándor
AR: Horváth Róbert, Berényi Ákos
VAR: Csonka Bence
AVAR: Szalai Balázs
Operátor: Németh Ádám

YC:3; YYR:1; RC:0; Pen:0


45+2. Prenga Herdi – foul
83. Driton Camaj – foul
84. Zlicic Lázár – pull back
20. Palincsár Martin – pull back
44. Palincsár Martin – simulation.

Match Summary:

Kisvárda are back! Dominant 1st half display. 2 goals from Asani, the 2nd subject to a long VAR review. Ötvös Bence was offside in the centre and the question was if he was interfering with the goal keeper. Quite rightly decided that he wasn’t so the goal stood. One funny moment as Erdős József pulled out his red card instead of his yellow card when booking Palincsár Martin for a pull back. The look of shock on Palincsár’s face turned to smiles as the red was swiftly changed for a yellow. That’s why you keep your cards in different pockets József!!! The red came out for real just 24 mins later, Palincsár again with a 2nd yellow for simulation. Wonder fif he or any other players will learn from it? Doubt it somehow! VAR review for a possible penalty, there was none, it was clear simulation & VAR confirmed that.

2nd half Kisvárda continued their dominance while karma continues to bite MTK’s backside. 3 more goals for the home side giving them a very convincing victory. They’re not going to give up their position up the top without a fight. They were disciplined, worked as a unit and their play was great t watch – the complete opposite of the ineffective MTK.

Key match incidents:

90+2 Full time – Kisvárda 5-0 MTK
90. +2 mins TAO
84. Zlicic Lázár – pull back
83. Driton Camaj – foul
81. Grozav Gheorghe-Teodor off Nagy Zsombor on
80. Bumba Claudiu-Vasile off Gosztonyi András on
80. Mešanović Jasmin off Nagy Mihály Krisztián on
71. Ötvös Bence off Navratil Jaroslav on
71. Simovic Slobodan off Zlicic Lázár on
71. Asani Jasir off Driton Camaj on
69. Mešanović Jasmin – Kisvárda 5-0 MTK
67. Miovski Bojan off Kocsis Bence Máté
66. Ramadani Ylber off Dimitrov Srdjan on
59. Bumba Claudiu-Vasile – Kisvárda 4-0 MTK
51. Izidorio Matheus Leoni – Kisvárda 3-0 MTK
46. Drljo Andrija off Weir James Michael on
46. Mezei Szabolcs off Kata Mihály on
46. 2nd half underway
45+4. Half time – Kisvárda 2-0 MTK
45+2. Prenga Herdi – foul
45. +4 mins TAO
44. VAR review on possible penalty. Decision no penalty, upholding the YC for the dive.
44. Palincsár Martin – simulation.
31. Long VAR review on goal (2 min) – Ötvös was in an offside position so question if he was interfering with play. Decision no offside offence, goal stands.
31. Asani Jasir – Kisvárda 2-0 MTK
20. Palincsár Martin – pull back
7. VAR review on goal – possible offside – decision no offside goal stands.
7. Asani Jasir – Kisvárda 1-0 MTK
The game kicks off