Ferencváros 3-0 MOL Fehérvár

Ferencváros 3-0MOL Fehérvár

Goal scorers:

FerencvárosMOL Fehérvár
11. Zubkov Oleksandr
40. Mmaee Ryan
58. Uzuni Myrto

Starting Lineups:

FerencvárosMOL Fehérvár
90 Dibusz Dénes
3 Mmaee A Nwambeben Samy Alexandre
8 Mmaee A Nwambeben Ryan Yacine
11 Zubkov Oleksandr
17 Civic Eldar
19 Vécsei Bálint Máté
22 Marin Marko
25 Blazic Miha
31 Wingo Henry Swenson
77 Uzuni Myrto
93 Laidouni Aissa Bilal
1 Kovács Dániel
4 Rus Adrián
5 Fiola Attila
7 Petryak Ivan
8 Makarenko Yevhenii
11 Nego Loic
14 Szendrei Norbert
19 Kodro Kenan
22 Stopira (Dos Santos Tavares Ianique)
23 Dárdai Pál
55 Heister Marcel


FerencvárosMOL Fehérvár
1 Bogdán Ádám
5 Besic Muhamed
10 Nguen Tokmac Chol
15 Kovacevic Adnan
16 Zachariassen Kristoffer
20 Mak Róbert
21 Botka Endre
23 Cabraja Marijan
33 Dvali Lasha
44 Loncar Stjepan
69 Szánthó Regő
70 Boli Bi Sylvestre Franck Fortune
57 Dala Martin
6 Musliu Visar
17 Nikolic Nemanja
26 Lüftner Michael
29 Kojnok Zsolt
30 Jallow Lamin
65 Hangya Szilveszter
70 Bamgboye Funsho Ibrahim
77 Csoboth Kevin
95 Alef (Dos Santos Saldanha Alef)

Match Officials:
Referee: Berke Balázs
4O: Solymosi Péter
AR: Buzás Balázs, Szalai Balázs
VAR: Bognár Tamás
AVAR: Albert István
Operátor: Szőts Gergely

YC:9; YYR:0; RC:1; Pen:1


FerencvárosMOL Fehérvár
37. Blazic Miha – foul
47. Vécsei Bálint
70. Besic Muhamed
90+5. Nguen Tokmac

22. Heister Marcel – foul
52. Makarenko Yevhenii
65. Kodro Kenan
69. Fiola Attila
72. Petryak Ivan
90+3. Bamgboye Funsho Ibrahim

Match Summary:

Thoroughly entertaining first half that Fradi dominated whilst barely breaking a sweat. Lovely goal from Zubakov to put them 1-0 up after 11 mins. Mmaee Ryan doubling the lead on 40. Vidi thought they should have had a penalty, Fradi player did grab Petryak’s shoulder, but he was also holding the Fradi player across the front. Petryak went down – no penalty. Lengthy VAR review agreed with the on field decision of the referee. The home crowd in good voice.

2nd half started out pretty much the same, Fradi dominating with ease and Vidi chasing shadows. Balint was shown a yellow for kicking his own player, albeit accidentally. Uzuni effectively killing the game off with Fradi’s 3rd goal on 58. Penalty to Fradi on 79. Clear cut – goalkeeper brought the player down. Upheld by VAR. Laidouni tried to be clever with a staggered run up and instead of putting the keeper off, he put himself off and blasted wide! Dreadful effort from him. Final incident of note – 90+3, Tokmac pulled back Funsho, Funsho responded by deliberately elbowing Tokmac in the face. Referee Berke having no hesitation with showing him a red. Funsho responded by trying to go for the referee, credit to his team mates for dragging him away, several times before getting him off the pitch – he can expect an extra ban for that disgraceful conduct. Tokmac was shown a yellow for the original pull.

Fradi end Round 13 top of the league with a 3 point cushion and a game in hand. Felcsút in 2nd also have a game in hand. Worthy winners and look untouchable.

Key match incidents:

90+5. Full time – Ferencváros 3-0 MOL Fehérvár
90+5. Nguen Tokmac for the pull back on Funsho that led to the red card
VAR review on the on field Red Card decision – upheld
90+3. Bamgboye Funsho Ibrahim – deliberate elbow to the face
90. +3 mins TAO
87. Zubkov Oleksandr off Mak Róbert
86. Heister Marcel off Hangya Szilveszter on
86. Kodro Kenan off Nikolic Nemanja on
79. Laidouni Aissa misses!
79. VAR review on penalty – decision upheld
79. Penalty to Fradi
72. Petryak Ivan
70. Besic Muhamed
69. Fiola Attila
66. Szendrei Norbert off Alef on
66. Wingo Henry off Botka Endre on
65. Kodro Kenan
63. Dárdai Pál off Bamgboye Funsho Ibrahim
59. Uzuni Myrto off Zachariassen Kristoffer on
59. Vécsei Bálint off Besic Muhamed on
59. Mmaee Ryan off Nguen Tokmac on
58. Uzuni Myrto – Ferencváros 3-0 MOL Fehérvár
52. Makarenko Yevhenii
47. Vécsei Bálint
46. 2nd half underway
45+1. Half time – Ferencváros 2-0 MOL Fehérvár
45. +1 min TAO
40. Mmaee Ryan – Ferencváros 2-0 MOL Fehérvár
37. Blazic Miha – foul
31. VAR review – possible penalty to Vidi – decision – no penalty.
22. Heister Marcel – foul
11. Zubkov Oleksandr – Ferencváros 1-0 MOL Fehérvár
The game kicks off