Paks v Ferencváros Match Summary

Paks 1-3Ferencváros

Goal scorers:

63. Kinyik Ákos

45+6. Mmaee Ryan
66. Mmaee Ryan
74. Laidouni Aissa Bilal

Starting Lineups:

1 Nagy Gergely
2 Kinyik Ákos
6 Szélpál Norbert
8 Balogh Balázs
9 Bognár István
13 Böde Dániel
16 Ádám Martin
20 Sajbán Máté Mihály
21 Papp Kristóf
24 Lenzsér Bence
30 Szabó János
90 Dibusz Dénes
3 Mmaee A Nwambeben Samy Alexandre
5 Besic Muhamed
8 Mmaee A Nwambeben Ryan Yacine
10 Nguen Tokmac Chol
16 Zachariassen Kristoffer
17 Civic Eldar
21 Botka Endre
25 Blazic Miha
77 Uzuni Myrto
93 Laidouni Aissa Bilal


31 Rácz Gergő
4 Lorentz Márton
5 Tamás Olivér
17 Kulcsár Dávid
19 Kesztyűs Barna
22 Windecker József
23 Medgyes Sinan
27 Szabó Bálint
28 Nagy Richárd
29 Pethő Bence János
1 Bogdán Ádám
7 Wergiton Do Rosario Calmon
15 Kovacevic Adnan
19 Vécsei Bálint Máté
22 Marin Marko
31 Wingo Henry Swenson
53 Csontos Dominik Zoltán
80 Gavric Zeljko

Match Officials:
Referee: Bognár Tamás
4O: Csonka Bence
AR: Kóbor Péter, Buzás Balázs
VAR: Berke Balázs
AVAR: Szert Balázs
Operátor: Kovács Gergely

YC:5; YYR:0; RC:1; Pen:1


41. Lenzsér Bence – kick
73. Szélpál Norbert – foul
74. Kinyik Ákos – dissent
16. Besic Muhamed – foul
71. Wingo Henry Swenson – stamp
88. Mmaee Ryan – foul

Match Summary:

The first 20 odd mins were a tale of VAR. Tokmac put the ball in the net 2 mins in, AR2 Buzás Balázs had his flag up though & a 2-3 min VAR review confirmed no goal – offside. It was a very tight call, literally mm in it so no surprise at the length of the review. Rather VAR take a bit longer, look at every angle & get the call right, than try and rush it & get it wrong. Too tight to call by the naked eye. Next up was a penalty shout for Paks. VAR correctly confirming no handball within the current LOTG. Paks thought they had taken the lead a couple of minutes later, only to have VAR rule it out for offside. Clever move from a short corner but Balogh was offside when the cross in was played. Thoroughly entertaining game. Both teams having their chances. VAR reminded us it was there at the end of the half as well! Tokmac given a yellow card on 45+3. for simulation, there was also a VAR review for a possible penalty. OFR by referee Bognár Tamás, penalty awarded and yellow card to Tokmac withdrawn. Mmaee Ryan putting Fradi 1-0 up with the last kick of the half.

For a while the 2nd half felt like a bit of an anti climax although was still entertaining! Kinyik equalising for Paks on 63. Fradi responded well, re-claiming the lead just 3 mins later with a quality goal from Mmaee Ryan. Szélpál saw red on 73, Kinyik following him into the book for dissent as he protested the red. Fradi increased their lead from the resulting free kick. Laidouni finding the net. Ferencvárosmove into top spot.

Key match incidents:

90+7. Final whistle Paks 1-3 Ferencváros
+3 min TAO
90. Zachariassen Kristoffer off Marin Marko on
89. Tokmac off Kovacevic Adnan on
88. Mmaee Ryan – foul
74. Laidouni Aissa Bilal – Paks 1-3 Ferencváros
74. Kinyik Ákos – dissent
73. Szélpál Norbert – foul
71. Wingo Henry Swenson – stamp
70. Ádám Martin off Nagy Richárd
69. Balogh Balázs off Windecker József on
67. Civic Eldar off Wingo Henry Swenson on
66. Mmaee Ryan – Paks 1-2 Ferencváros
64. Besic Muhamed off Vécsei Bálint Máté on
63. Kinyik Ákos – Paks 1-1 Ferencváros
59. Szabó János off Medgyes Sinan on
58. Lenzsér Bence off Tamás Olivér on
2nd half underway
45+7. Half time – Paks 0-1 Ferencváros
45+6. Mmaee Ryan – Paks 0-1 Ferencváros
45+5. Penalty Fradi
45+3. VAR review – possible penalty – OFR – Penalty awarded
45+3. Nguen Tokmac Chol – simulation – withdrawn after VAR review shows foul & penalty
45. +3 mins TAO
41. Lenzsér Bence – kick
21. Goal disallowed – Paks 0-0 Ferencváros
18. VAR review on goal – possible offside – OFR – goal disallowed for offside
18. Szabó János – Paks 1-0 Ferencváros
16. Besic Muhamed – foul
10. VAR review – possible penalty for Paks due to hand ball – decision no penalty
2. Tokmac goal – Flag for offside from AR2 Buzás Balázs. 3 min review – decision no goal.
The game kicks off