MLSZ Disciplinary Decisions

September 28 disciplinary decisions

At its meeting on September 28, the Disciplinary Committee of the MLSZ made the following decisions.


Van Nieff Yoell (Puskás)  – 1 match ban
 Abdoulaye Diaby (Újpest) – 1 match ban

Under the combined procedure, the SB obliges the DVSC to pay a fine for the repeated disturbances of its fans (shouting outrageous, obscene terms) at the FTC and Kisvárda away league matches.


Polgár Kristóf (Diósgyőr) – 1 match ban

On the basis of the combined procedure of the SB, Diósgyőr is obliged to pay a fine for repeated violations of the support of its fans in the Hungarian league matches against Pécs, Nyíregyháza and Szentlőrinc (outrageous shouting of obscene terms and use of pyrotechnic devices) and violation of match rules. the closure of sectors “F”, “G”, “H”, “I” and “J” of the DVTK Stadium, which hosts the Hungarian NB II league matches of the sports organization.


Ferkó Ádám (BKV) – 1 match ban
Rédei Milán (SBTC) – 1 match ban
Horváth Gábor (Assistant Coach – Nagykanizsa)  – 3 match ban

The FEB obliges Balassagyarmat to pay a fine for its seriously unsportsmanlike conduct in connection with the Balassagyarmat – Gold-Sport match.

Match disqualification after two yellow/Red card

Bence Jagodics (Siófok) – 1 match ban
Szatmári Csaba (Diósgyőr) – 1 match ban
Sike József Dániel (SBTC)  – 1 match ban

Women’s League

Rozmis Gabriella (Astra)  – 1 match ban
Fehér Anna (Nagykáta)  – 1 match ban


István Hamar (Szigetszentmiklós)   – 1 match ban
Dániel László Tóth (Sárvár)  – 1 match ban

In connection with the Ferencváros – Újpest FC match played in the 7th round of the OTP Bank League, the FEB initiated disciplinary proceedings against both sports organizations due to fan disturbances, including the use of pyrotechnics and the shouting of outrageous, obscene expressions. The actions of the supporters will be discussed later by the Disciplinary Committee.