Kassai resigns as head of refereeing in Russia

Viktor Kassai, the professional head of the refereeing committee of the Russian Football Association (RFSZ), has resigned, the RFSZ press service said on Monday.

The RFSZ justified the personnel change with an organisational change. Asot Hacsaturjan, chairman of the committee, thanked the Hungarian specialist for his work, such as the introduction of European standards into the federation’s system , which he called important for the refereeing reform implemented by the RFSZ.

“Viktor has set up a system to help prepare profile referees for matches during the competition season, and this has had an impact on the future of match-fixing. This is based on the high intensity of the training process and regular monitoring of physical activity, ”Hacsaturjan said.

Kassai, 46, has been on the board since January 9, 2020. The announcement, quoting the Hungarian expert, wrote that since then six new referees have made their debuts, several of whom have proved their worth in top matches. In addition, all young and promising referees of the Russian Second League were given the opportunity and the development of women’s refereeing began.

“We have developed a referee strategy and system in Russia that meets the highest European standards, providing a professional environment and development for referees, both physically and theoretically,” Kassai said.

According to the announcement, the outgoing specialist pointed out that the high standard of work of the Russian referees was also recognized by FIFA and UEFA by being featured in all the major international events of 2021.

Viktor Kassai – who was the second foreign expert in the Refereeing Committee of the RFSZ after the Italian Roberto Rosetti – has been judging the Hungarian forefront since 1999, in November 322. He broke the record of Zsolt Szabó with his NB I match, and finally closed with 323 meetings. He led the Olympic Games in 2008 and the Champions League final in 2011, and in recent years he has been voted the best referee at the International Organisation for the History and Statistics of Football (IFFHS).

(Photo: rfs.ru)