FIFA Referee nominations due

FIFA have contacted the member associations with the guidelines for the nomination of FIFA list referees, which are due to be submitted by 1st October.

2022 FIFA Refereeing International Lists

Dear Sir or Madam,

FIFA would hereby like to invite you to nominate match officials for the 2022 FIFA Refereeing International Lists.

A unique link for the online registration process has been created for each member association and is included in the email accompanying this circular.

Fhe deadline to nominate international match officials for the upcoming year is: 1 october 2021.

We enclose the Regulations on the Nomination and Appointment of FIFA Match Officials for your convenience. We would also like to bring the following points to your attention:

  1. The proposed referees must be born on or before 31 December 1996 and assistant referees must be born on or before 31 December 1998 in order to ensure a minimum level of experience. FIFA reserves the right to require proposed match officials over the age of 45 (born in 1977 or before) to undergo additional technical assessments as well as specific medical examinations and fitness testing on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Each candidate must be ranked based on the marks obtained for officiating games at national level during the 12 months prior to being nominated to the list of international referees. Please do not put the nominees in alphabetical order.
  3. All nominated match officials (except video match officials) must at least have passed a FIFA- approved fitness test and a medical examination on or after 2 June 2021.

Please note that all match official roles are gender neutral. Both men and women can be nominated, since separate roles for women do not exist. Women who want to be considered for referee or assistant referee appointments in men’s matches, must pass the relevant men’s fitness test. The futsal and beach soccer fitness test included herewith applies equally to men and women.

The FIFA Referees Committee will carefully consider all nominations submitted by each member association before deciding who will be named in the upcoming international lists.

The full circular can be viewed here