MLSZ statement

In response to the despicable behaviour from a section of the fanbase during the Hungary v England match the Magyar Labdarugó Szövetség (Hungarian Football Federation) has made the following statement:

The vast majority of the sixty thousand fans visiting the Puskás Arena were sporting, encouraging the Hungarian national team, even when the team was already losing. The disruptors need to be identified and severely punished.

Fans entering the field, throwing light grenades and glasses, are being identified. The MLSZ has filed / will file a police report against them. Any fine will be passed on to the perpetrators in civil litigation, and they can expect a 2-year disqualification from sporting events at the end of the trial.

Please note we are not the official site of the Hungarian Football Federation. That can be found here.

We are an English speaking news and information site, independent of the MLSZ. Emailing us via our contact form to express your disgust at the actions of a minority of ‘fans’ will have no impact on the MLSZ and they are the ones who need to hear it. We have forwarded the emails we have received onto them but if you wish to express your disgust please direct it to them. Their email is

The staff of this site are disgusted by the behaviour of a section of our ‘fans’. We are all against discrimination, whether it be racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism or in any other equally despicable form. We are ashamed of the behaviour of a minority of our ‘fans’ and we will continue to speak out against it and put pressure on our Federation to deal with it. There should be no room for discrimination anywhere.