Referee Academy Training and Admissions Day

Referees were preparing for the 2021/22 season with meetings at several MLSZ JB Academy training levels

The Academy selection day took place on 19 August with 57 participants (27 referees, 30 assistant referees). The interval physical test prescribed for the chosen county delegates was held on the Ikarus track/pitch in Budapest, where, besides running the required distances, the referees performed coordination exercises, while in addition to these tasks the assistant referees had offside test and offside limit recording exercises waiting for them, as well.

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The program continued with the laws of the game and the video tests in the Vecsés Airport Hotel, where the representatives of the up-and-coming referee generation undertook their tasks with great care and the necessary concentration. Beside the 25-item laws of the game test, they also had to take referee-and assistant referee-specific video tests.

The students of the advanced academy took part in another meeting between 20 and 22 August, where their development was assisted by a rich professional program. Along with the evaluation of their performance, the referees were prepared for the challenges of the new season facing them through practical exercises, joint match analyses and the ever useful group activities.

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Source: Magyar Labdarúgó Játékvezetők Testülete (MLJT)