A look ahead to the NBI Round 3

Round 2 kicked off (literally!) with at least 1 red card in every single game – that’s some going!! Before anyone tries it – it can’t be blamed on VAR as 5 of the 8 red cards were YYR, so 2nd yellow cards and they do not fall within the remit of VAR. Waltner Róbert, coach at ZTE was also in receipt of a YYR card. Granted all 3 straight red cards were, however, given after VAR review. There were 20 yellow cards and 2 penalties to finish off the discipline issues (1 following VAR review & the other reviewed by VAR after being given by the on-field referee). The disciplinary committee more than earned their forints this week (in total across the NBI, NBII, NBIII and Magyar Kupa there were 30 red cards – must have been a full moon or something!) At least the shirt count was good this week – 4 black & 1 red!

Only 5 games played last weekend due to Fradi playing in the Champions League – their game away to Vidi will be played 22nd September. No such luxury for Lilák being given the weekend off ahead of their conference league match – double standards me thinks…

In terms of VAR this weekend. It felt more noticeable and the stats show there were 2 more goal reviews and 3 more non goal reviews more than last week, even with 1 game less played. Pillók Ádám had a difficult introduction to VAR with 5 of the reviews coming in his first live game with VAR. He looked so stressed during each one and it is a reminder to us all that this is new, referees are also getting used to it along with the players & we must be patient when it feels slow.

Kisvárda 2-1 Gyirmót – Referee: Pintér Csaba (black). YC: 4; YYR: 0; RC: 1; Pen: 0
3 goal reviews not noticeable.
44. Possible red card – OFR – Yellow card withdrawn, red card given. Ötvös Bence

Mezőkövesd Zsóry 3-2 ZTE – Referee: Pillók Ádám (black). YC: 2; YYR: 3; RC: 0; Pen: 1.
7 goal reviews – 2 goals disallowed, 1 lengthy review where goal stood.
5. VAR review of penalty decision – OFR – Decision no penalty Mezőkövesd
32. VAR review goal – OFR – Decision no goal – foul by Koszta Márk ZTE
45+5. VAR review – Possible penalty – OFR – Decision penalty Mezőkövesd
53. VAR review – checking offside – goal disallowed for ZTE
69. Goal review – possible offside goal stands ZTE

MTK Budapest 1-0 Budapest Honvéd – Referee: Karakó Ferenc (black) YC: 5; YYR: 1; RC: 0; Pen: 0.
1 goal review completely unnoticed
84. VAR possible penalty for Kispest – decision no penalty

DVSC 2-2 Újpest – Referee: Gergő Bogár (black) YC: 5; YYR: 0; RC: 1; Pen: 0.
4 goal reviews – unnoticed
12. VAR review – possible red card – OFR – decision red card Lilák
45+3. VAR review – possibly penalty for DVSC – decision no penalty
85. Possible handball/penalty for DVSC – decision no penalty

Puskás Akadémia 1-6 Paks – Referee: Péter Antal (Red). YC: 2; YYR: 1; RC: 1; Pen: 1.
7 goal reviews – 6 unnoticed, 1 longer review for possible handball.
15. VAR checking goal possible handball – OFR – goal stands no handball offence (Felcsút)
69. VAR review on penalty decision – stands (Paks)

* 22 goal reviews – 18 – unnoticeable, 2 goals disallowed (ZTE) after review; 2 longer reviews – 1 for possible handball (Felcsút), and 1 for possible offside (ZTE).
* Non goal reviews: 9 in total – 5 reviews on possible penalties – 1 penalty given (Mezőkövesd), 4 no penalty offence (Mezőkövesd; Honvéd; DVSC x2). 1 on-field penalty awarded (Paks) & confirmed on review. 3 possible red card reviews – all with OFR taking place – all saw yellow card withdrawn & red card given (Újpest; Kisvárda & Felcsút).

MTK Budapest 2021.08.13.
Kisvárda Master Good

MTK followed their opening weekend draw with a win over Budapest Honvéd. They are 4th in the table as it stands. Kisvárda will be without Bence Ötvös who starts a 2 match ban following his dismissal against Gyirmót. They are sitting pretty in 2nd place following 2 wins and will be looking to keep their early momentum going.

Paks 2021.08.14.

This is one of only 2 games not affected by bans from last weekend! Special mention though for Jevtoski Stefan who got booked within 30 seconds of coming on as sub for DVSC last weekend. Paks enjoyed an absolute rout in their match v Felcsút but they are likely to find DVSC to be tougher opponents. They stand 5th in the table. DVSC have made a good start to their campaign with a win and a draw seeing them in 3rd place in the table currently. You do have to question though how they were not able to take better advantage of a weak Lilák team who played the game for 75 mins with only 10 men. Lilák even doubled their lead after the red card but DVSC got 2 late (77 & 87) goals to secure a draw, both goals scored by ex Lilák player Tischler Patrik.

Ferencváros 2021.08.14.
Mezőkövesd Zsóry

Ferencváros sit in 11th place – let’s face it, that is only because they have only played 1 game and they will soon start to stamp their authority on the league. Non Fradi fans – enjoy it while you can. Fradi fans – sorry but the rest of us don’t get much opportunity to enjoy it so we have to take it where we can! 😉 Fradi, despite a loss in the 2nd leg, won their Champions League 3rd round qualifier matches 2-1 on aggregate and will face Swiss side BSC Young Boys in the Champions League Qualifying Playoffs. Good Luck to them for that, they will get CL group stage if they win or Europa league if they lose. I’m not sure which they would prefer but I hope we will all be supporting them in Europe either way. Hajrá Fradi.

Mezőkövesd will be missing Drazic Stefan who has a 1 match ban. Stat of the week must go to him 75. Came on as sub; 78. Yellow Card; 80. 2nd yellow red card! That’s pretty impressive, for all the wrong reasons! 5 min on the pitch as sub and contribution was 2 yellow cards. Mezőkövesd did win the game 3-2 v ZTE but it should be noted that ZTE had 2 goals disallowed and ended the match with only 9 men. Mezőkövesd top the table currently.

Gyirmót Fc Győr 2021.08.14.
MOL Fehérvár

Vidi sit 7th in the table after just 1 game. They will be going into this one fresh having had last weekend off. In the first round they drew 1-1 with ZTE. Gyirmót are currently 10th, their draw with MTK in round 1 being followed up by a 2-1 defeat away at Kisvárda. This is the 2nd of only 2 games not affected by bans from last weekend!

ZTE 2021.08.15.
Puskás Akadémia

ZTE are missing coach Waltner Róbert and players Kálnoki Kis Dávid and Bobál Dávid, all of whom have 1 match bans following their YYR cards in Round 2. Waltner’s 2 yellow cards coming in the space of 3 mins (45+7 & 45+10), Bobal’s in the space of 5 mins (83 & 88),and Kálnoki Kis had 8 mins between his 2 yellows (74 & 82). The moral of the story – if a decision goes against you and you don’t agree with it tough luck – zip it, the only outcome of your lips keeping on flapping at the referee is a yellow card, if you’re on a yellow, don’t go flying in on a tackle and commit a yellow card offence. It’s really not that difficult, just shut up and get on with it. Waltner also got a yellow card in the first round so he is clearly leading by example /end sarcasm. If they carry on with how they have started ZTE are in for a tough time with players being suspended and quite frankly their manager needs to start acting like a grown man instead of a toddler who has eaten too many sweets and not had a nap so throws constant tantrums…

Felcsút will be without Anicento Grandela Nunes, who starts a 3 match ban after his red card last week and Nagy Zsolt, who serves a 1 match ban after his YYR. They are in 6th place currently after their humiliating 1-6 defeat at the hands of Paks.

Újpest 2021.08.15.
Budapest Honvéd

The emotion derby! Abdoulaye Diaby starts a 4 match ban following his red card last round. Üjpest are appealing the length of the ban, they accept the red card but consider the amount of the penalty to be clearly excessive. They have had a poor start to the season with a defeat in round 1 and they only just held on for a draw in round 2. It has to be said though that they did well to get the draw having played for 75 mins with only 10 men. Tiredness finally crept in and DVSC were eventually able to overturn the 2-0 deficit and pull it back to 2-2. Újpest will go into the game having also played their 3rd round Conference league qualifier v Basel on Thursday night. They are 1-2 down after the first leg and face a tough game away from home against a strong Basel side. Hajrá Lilák.

Honvéd have had a dreadful start to the season with 2 defeats. Horváth Ferenc can try and blame VAR all he likes but the fact is the team don’t look like winning, they keep trying, granted but there is something very wrong in the team right now. Perhaps he needs to stop worrying about VAR correcting wrong refereeing decisions and more about correcting his own tactics because they are simply not working. He could also do with familiarising himself with the LOTG as his recent comments have shown he does not understand the handball Laws or the role & remit of VAR! Baráth Botond being on a 1 match ban for this game will not help at all, he is such a vital player.