A look ahead to the NBI Round 2

Round 1 kicked off complete with VAR. I’m sure it’s not related but there were no home team wins, we saw 2 draws and 4 away wins, 39 yellow cards + 3 further YC for managers, 1 YYR, 1 straight red and 3 penalties. As this is me I’ll also mention 3 black shirts, 1 red shirt, 1 blue shirt and Andó-Szabó Sándor can get to the naughty step for wearing yellow…

In terms of VAR:
* 20 mandatory goal reviews – 18 virtually unnoticed, 1 with a slight but not significant delay and 1 with a 2/3 minute delay where a potential handball was reviewed.
* 6 non goal VAR reviews – 2 confirmed the original decision correct, 3 corrected penalties that had been missed (1 via an OFR that also saw a YYR that would have been missed), 1 yellow card corrected to a red card (OFR) so 5 decisions corrected, 2 in 1 review.
* Not a single set of lines to see if someone had a toenail or nose hair offside – loved that!
* The only real delays were during the 2 on-field reviews and resulted in incorrect decisions being overturned and corrected.

The MLSZ must take credit for the excellent training and preparation carried out ahead of the season. Credit also to our match officials, most of whom were using VAR live for the first time. It was an excellent start with VAR being mainly quietly efficient and not overly intrusive.

I’m not going to make any predictions, apart from the fact that the only predictable thing about the NBI is that it is completely unpredictable, my continued failure in the NBI predictions league shows I should not be allowed anywhere near predicting! Hopefully Alex will be taking on the weekly previews so you don’t have to listen to my ramblings…

Kisvárda Master Good 21-08-06
KO: 20:00
Gyirmót FC Győr

Kisvárda come into the game on a high having surprisingly beaten Fradi 2-1 in Round 1. It was Fradi’s first league defeat in 51 games. Izidorio Matheus Leoni and Navratil Jaroslav with the goals for Kisvárda. A VAR review (on-field review) in the 77th minute saw a penalty awarded to Fradi with Mmaee A Nwambeben scoring from the spot.

Gyirmót had a good start to their NBI campaign with a 1-1 draw v MTK Budapest. An own goal from Ferreira Tiago Emanuel giving them the lead in the 27th min. The game was beset with problems with the floodlights. One floodlight fully failed and another was only at half strength leading to a short delay while the referee spoke with club staff. The game eventually continued without full floodlights. The second hald was delayed by a few mins and eventually kicked off without full floodlights! Another short delay when all of the floodlights completely failed in the 69th min. With 7 mins added in the first half and a further 9 mins in the second half, the game lasted for ages! Miovski Bojan equalised for MTK in the 54th minute.

Mezőkövesd Zsóry 21-08-07
KO: 17:45

Mezőkövesd started the season with a 3-2 win away at Paks. Besirovic Dino, Jurina Marin and Calcan Andreias-Cristian with the goals.

ZTE held MOL Fehérvár to a 1-1 draw. Babati Benjamin getting the equaliser on 69 although there was a slightly longer VAR review on the goal – decision goal given. VAR was otherwise unnoticeable in the game.

MTK Budapest 21-08-07
KO: 20:00
Budapest Honvéd

Both sides have their first suspended players for this match, Ferreira Tiago Emanuel for MTK and Klemenz Lukas Rafael for Honvéd.

MTK going into the game having drawn 1-1 with NBI new comers Gyirmót. 3 VAR reviews in this game, all relating to MTK. 36th min: VAR review – possible red card. Decision – no red card, the yellow card for Weir stands. 54th min: VAR Review on goal – Decision: Goal given no handball as per the LOTG and 88min: VAR review for a possible red card – this one took a while (2-3 mins). Following consultation with the VAR an OFR was carried out and the ref determined that his original decision to issue a yellow card to Ferreira was incorrect and he withdrew the yellow card and issued a red card. Ferreira received a 1 match ban from the disciplinary committee on 3rd August.

Honvéd on the other hand had a nightmare start to the season. First league game at the Új Bozsik Aréna, Bőle Lukács put Honvéd ahead in the 36th minute. 1-0 up at half time & all seemed to be going to plan… 56th min: VAR review – possible penalty for handball – on-field review – decision penalty. Following the OFR Bognár Tamás also gave Klemenz a yellow card, his 2nd of the game & therefore a red. Just to clear up that, whilst a VAR review cannot take place for a yellow card offence, if however, whilst carrying out a review, as in this case for a possible penalty, a missed foul is corrected and that foul is worthy of further sanction, then a yellow card may be given. In addition to the YYR card, Szappanos was booked for dissent before Dzsudzsák finally converted the penalty 5 mins after the whole VAR review process started! Honvéd collapsed from then on, going 2-0 down 5 mins later and conceding a further 2 in the final 8 mins. Horváth Ferenc was also shown a yellow for continuing to protest the VAR decision.

DVSC 21-08-08
KO: 17:45

Debrecen marked their return to the NBI in style destroying Honvéd 4-1. Dzsudzsák starting the scoring with a penalty, Bárány, Bévárdi and Ugrai adding to the tally. They go into Round 2 top of the table and will be full of confidence.

Újpest start the game at the opposite end of the table, in 11th spot having lost 2-1 to Felcsút in the season opener. VAR was live during the game but went completely unnoticed.

Puskás Akadémia 21-08-08
KO: 20:00

Felcsút put behind them their Europe woes with a 2-1 away win against Lilák. Not much to say about their first game in all honesty.

Paks lost their opener at home to Mezőkövesd. 45+5: VAR review – possible penalty. A push missed during a corner being taken, the penalty was given, but was missed by Haraszti as such Paks missed the chance to go in even at half time. A quick goal by Jurina at the start of the 2nd half saw the deficit doubled. Paks gradually got back into the game and pulled it back to 2-2 with goals from Sajbán and Hahn but Calcan scored the winner for Mezőkövesd having been on the pitch for just 1 minute. His goal was subject to a noticeable AR review but stood.

Mol Fehérvár 21-09-22
KO: 20:00

This game has been postponed until September due to Fradi’s Champions League qualifiers. Quite why the same consideration is not afforded to Újpest in view of their European games is a mystery!

In their opening game last week Vidi drew 1-1 with ZTE, Fradi lost 2-1 to Kisvárda. The only noticeable use of VAR was a review in the 77th min for a possible penalty, which was duly given. Mmaee scoring from the spot.