Battle of Magyars in MLS at Sporting KC

Last night, a clash of Hungarians in Kansas City as Daniel Sallöi of Sporting KC went up against Szabolcs Schön of FC Dallas. The game ended 2-1 to FC Dallas.

The big news of the match was FC Dallas has historically done very well against Sporting KC, yet their away record this year is pretty bad. Sporting KC was coming off a big away win against Seattle, who sits at the top of the Western Conference table. Last night was a chance to make a statement about making ground against Seattle.

It would not happen for Sporting KC, but FC Dallas would have a big win on the road. Our two Magyars played essential roles in the game. Schön provided the critical pass that would be the winning goal for FC Dallas. On the other side, Daniel Sallöi would send a beautiful cross to set up their lone goal, but it was not enough to get Sporting KC back into the game.

Match ended 2-1 to FC Dallas