Covid restrictions for Sports Professionals for season 2021/22

In the major adult tournaments, the men’s OPT Bank NBI, the men’s  Merkantil Bank NB II, the women’s Nöi NB I and the men’s futsal NB I, only players and sports professionals with a certificate of protection or a PCR test not older than 3 days can participate in the matches.

In the NB I OTP Bank League, the requirement is even stricter: continuing the practice followed last year, PCR testing must continue to be performed every week on all players and staff members and on officials working in the sports zone. Furthermore, in order to minimise health risks, footballers undergo a much more thorough inspection than the general sports medicine examination, on a semi-annual basis. Regular testing, like the UEFA system, takes place with the involvement of a designated, accredited health laboratory.

The health recommendations previously formulated by the Medical Committee of the MLSZ are still valid in the special tournaments as well as in the amateur tournaments that will also start soon. Thus, it is important to regularly and thoroughly disinfect your hands, keep your distance, avoid making contact, wear a mask/gloves, and not participate in group events with mild symptoms, such as fever. According to the recommendation of the MLSZ, it is expedient to trigger the Certificate of Protection in both amateur and youth leagues and to check its existence. (Source: