4 Hungarian FIFA referees away on UEFA courses

Viktor Kassai and Katalin Kulcsár, our 2 elite referees, are due to attend the UEFA 27th Advanced Referee Course later this month. The course is due to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. They are due to arrive for the course during the evening of Sunday 27th January with the course lasting until 31st January. The main topic on the men’s course will be VAR, which is due to be implemented from the Champions League knockout stage.

Kassai has already been named as one of the 24 elite referees eligible to be appointed for games involving VAR, either as referee or in the VAR role itself. He is the only one of our referees eligible. Neither István Vad nor Tamás Bognár are attending the course and will therefore remain ineligible.

Balázs Berke and Katalin Sipos will be heading to Lisbon the day before our elite referees, to attend the UEFA 28th Introductory Course for International Referees. The new referees course starts during the day of 27th January and also runs to the 31st. During the course Katalin Sipos will be required to take her English test, Balázs Berke has already passed his English test. All FIFA level referees are required to be proficient in English.

Due to the overlap the new referees will have the opportunity to meet and train with the more experienced referees. All 4 will be required to take and pass their FIFA fitness tests during the course.

It should be noted that if they do not travel back to Hungary until Friday 1st February, it is not inconceivable that they will be missing from the appointments when the NB1 returns on 2nd February.