The Past Was Glorious But Cannot Be Repeated

Paul Treso talks about the ups and downs of being a Hungarian football fan in 2017 after the distant success of the past.

Have you ever met a real, passionate Hungarian?  They are winners. Look at Ferenc Puskas, the Mighty Magyars of the 1950’s, the Men’s Olympics Water Polo teams winning gold medal after Gold medal.  Maybe it’s the difficult language that is like no other? A work ethic and passion, intelligence match by few.

Actors, writers, musicians,  scientists, name most any field and Hungarians have been successful at it. A small country now around 10 million with who knows how many around the world who have left.

One sport remains the National Identity, football. The sport that means a lot to Hungarians. The sport at which for years they were glorious with two World Cup Silvers in 1938 and 1956.  Watch any clip of the 1956 team or even the 1966 team and the style, the Hungarian football fervour, is evident.  Then 1986 happened in Mexico, and the crowds disappeared.

The skills of the “Mighty Magyars” were a once in a lifetime.  Men who didn’t play video games at home, glued to the internet or cell phone, and making tons of money at home in Hungary.  They had skill, passion, and a love of the game.  

Today, Hungarian footballers make a great wage compared to the average Hungarian. They have no need to go abroad to make a name for themselves.  The players have no need to smuggle goodies back to Hungary to sell on the black market.  They have fear and questionable ambition.

The players of the past were “Glorious”. They had the skill, the passion, and no fear. A drive to excel and a love of country and home. Today some players have all of these qualities but why push yourself if you are living high and making money?

The fans long for the glorious past. Even 2016 Euros are now considered a glorious past. The team exceeded all expectations. I was there at the outdoor venues in Hungary, saw the fans wild with National Pride. Hungary was proud and positive.

Now the negativity is back, as Hungarian are accustomed to winning, but not at their national sports. New beautiful stadiums are being built. 

Search forums and the fans like to complain more than praise. This player is not chosen, bad tactics, losing to this country, barely beating this country. Is a 1-0  loss to Portugal a good loss or a bad loss because it wasn’t a win?

I will keep on rooting for Hungary. It is the birthplace of my parents and my heritage. Have they disappointed me? Yes too many times to note. The feeling beating Norway, the opening win to Austria in Euro 2016 make all those bad times good. It is the good that I remember not the failure.

Yes, the past was glorious but cannot be repeated. That many good Hungarian players on a team like the Mighty Magyars will not happen again but in truth, it’s the experience, the small guy vs. the big guy that keeps me rooting for the team and makes me and many others fans Mad Hungarians.

Hungary play Luxembourg on the 9th November at 20:00 CET live on M4