Katalin Kulcsár world’s number 1 female Referee

What a fantastic year for Hungary’s top woman referee, Katalin Kulcsár! The 32 year old was named as the IFFHS 2016 World’s Best Woman Referee. Kulcsár won huge support from football experts in 56 countries around the World in the 5th Annual IFFHS Women’s Awards. It was a very close ranking, Kulcsár had only 5 points more than Katarina Monzul (winner 2015) and Bibiana Steinhaus (winner 2013 and 2014),  6 points more than the canadian Carol Anne Chenard ! 

Kulcsár began her international career in 2005 and made quickly such progress that she was given control of FIFA U17 World Cup final 2009, of all great international tournaments and finally the UEFA Champions League final 2016 between Lyon and Wolfsburg. She is the youngest referee to win this award and she leads a ranking where all continents are represented. That shows the fantastic development of the Women Football in the World.

Bibiana Steinhaus , winner 2013 and 2014, took second place like 2012 and 2015. So she has been in the World’s Top 2 for 5 years.

Congratulations Katalin, what a fantastic achievement, we are very proud of you.

Now we just need the dinosaurs at the the MLSz to start appointing Katalin to games in the Hungarian domestic leagues based on her refereeing ability and not her sex! I hope this will prompt a promotion to the NB1, as a referee, where she belongs.

Ranking 2016

1 – Katalin Kulcsar (Hungary)             58 points

2 – Katarina Monzul (Ukraine)           53 points

2 –  Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany)      53 points

4 – Carol Anne Chenard (Canada)      52 points

5 – Pernilla Larsson (Sweden)             26 points

6 – Teodora Albon (Romania)             24 points

7 – Riem Hussein (Germany)              23 points

8 – Esther Stäubli (Switzerland)         21 points

9 – Stephanie Frappart (France)        20 points

10-Olga Miranda (Paraguay)               11 points

11-Gladys Lengwe (Zambia)                10 points

11  Lucila Venegas (Mexico)                10 points

11  Claudia Umpierrez (Uruguay)       10 points

11  Ok Ri Hyang (Korea DPR)              10 points

11  Carolina Vitulano (Italy)                 10 points

16-Olga Zadinova (Czech Republic)    9 points

17-Kate Jacewicz (Australia)                 8 points

18-Efthalia Mitsi (Greece)                     4 points

19-Rita Gani (Malaysia)                         3 points

20-Anna Maria Keighley (New Zealand) 1 point