Nemeth scores his 1st goal in MLS

It was a game of set pieces. The only way the ball was going into the goal was through set pieces. Philadelphia Union came into Sporting Park in Kansas City to upset Sporting Kansas City. They were on their way too. In a matter of minutes, the scored on a corner kick to go up 1-0.

It took KC about 12 mintues before they could answer. Dom Dwyer scored his 1st of the season on a corner kick to tie the game 1-1. Philadelpia’s Aristeguista replies with, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” 3 minutes later, he scores on another corner kicking for Philadelphia putting them up 2-1.

The scorline stayed at 2-1 for most of the game. Sporting Kansas City just could not get hold of the midfield to put any real pressure on the Philadelphia defense. Johnny Medranga started in place of Nemeth who is recovering from injury. Nemeth replaced Medranga in the 64th minute. The Columbian showed some energy, but he does not have the same class as Nemeth whose touches immediately made a difference.

It looked like Philly were going to walk away with 3 points. But, Sporting KC kept fighting. They were rewarded. In the 1st minute of 6 minutes of stoppage time, Jalil Anibaba scores on a corner kick to tie the game 2-2. Then, moments after play restarted, Sporting KC won another corner which Nemeth fights off his defender to get around and poke into the goal. Sporting go up 3-2 in the 3rd minute of stoppage.

Sporting Kansas City had a woefult game, but pulled it out in the end. Hopefully we will see more.