Talking Hungarian Football on the World Football Pod!


If you didn’t know, last week Gaby Kovacs and Myself were kindly invited on to the World Football Pod for the first time talking all things Hungarian Football. We spoke about the decline of ZTE, the force of Debrecen, the unforgettable Mighty Magyars and much, much more…

The podcast was on for about 54 minutes and you can listen to the whole thing right here:

And it’s got us thinking, here at HungarianFootball, we’re going to have a monthly podcast speaking about everything Magyar Foci. Gary Linton, who was the host for the night on the World Football pod, has gladly volunteered to be our host , and we’ll like you to get involved with any questions you might have. The regular guests will be myself and Gaby, but if anyone wants to come on, you’re more than welcome.

We also might be having a very special guest on the show who’s spoke to us at HungarianFootball before. Look out for the pod in the next month.



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