Zsolt Korcsmár: A defender reaching for the stars?

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Korcsmar at Ujpest

After arriving in Norway in 2010, Zsolt Korcsmar has shot to new heights at Brann, and is on the verge of a National Team call up. Niklas Wildhagen (@normusings) of the Bundesliga fanatic, and Norwegian Musings takes a closer look at the 22 year old.

There has never been a great stream of Hungarian footballers coming to Norway. A quick glance at the Uefa country ranking might indicate why: Norway is currently 26th on that ranking, while Hungary is down on 32nd. Both countries are represented by four clubs in the Uefa competitions, and Hungarian players might see Norwegian football as a step to the side, and not a step ahead.

Arriving in Norway

One of the few players who has moved from Hungary to the icy cold of Norway is former Hungary U-21 captain Zsolt Korcsmár. The 22-year-old centre back arrived in the rainy city of Bergen for the last part of the 2010 season. The officials at Brann were so impressed by the young Hungarians qualities on the pitch that they decided to use the buying option that they had agreed upon with Korcsmár’s former club Újpest FC.

Korscmár has during his time in Norway played 25 matches, scored two goals and gathered a total of two yellow cards. The centre back has played all of Brann’s matches so far this season, and has never been taken off the pitch. Norway’s biggest newspaper, VG, ranks Korcsmár as the 38th best player of the season so far(out of a total of 161 players), while his local newspaper Bergens Tidende has him at 24th on their list.

The sports columnist of the same paper, Tore Strand, wrote recently about Korcsmár:”He has a certain game about his game, a great technique, great passing skills and the Hungarian is also great in one on one situations.”

Most people who have watched Brann this season would agree with Strand. The Hungarian has been one of the outstanding players of Brann’s campaign so far. The team from West-Norway were contenders for relegation before the season started according to many Tippeligaen experts in Norway, but somehow they have managed to cling on to the third spot in the table half way into their league, three points behind leaders Molde and runners-up Tromsø. Brann’s defensive centre back pairing are indeed amongst the decisive factors for the success of the team from Bergen.

The future

”I want to play for the Hungarian national team.”, told Korcsmár the Norwegian press after Brann’s away game against Vålerenga in early may. The game had been watched by Hungary’s assistent coach Imre Kenyeres, who after the game had a long discussion with the defender according to Norwegian media reports.

Afterwards Kenyeres told Bergens Tidende: ”We have been monitoring Zsolt over a longer period of time, but it is impossible for me to say when Zsolt will join the senior side of our national team.”

As noted earlier, the Norwegian Tippeligaen is maybe just a step to the side for Hungarian footballers. It is therefore conceivable that Korcsmár’s at one point in the near future decides to leave the charming rain of Bergen. Where his journey will take him is hard to tell, but nobody here in Norway would be surprised if we saw Korcsmár’s playing for a team in the Bundesliga or the Premier League in a couple of years time.

All stats are dated to the 16th of July, 2011.


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