Tomasz Mortimer (Editor)

Back in April 2011, Paul Lorinczi and myself, set up to get Magyar Foci to the English speaking world. At first we began it as a bit of fun, but after a while more and more people became interested in writing for the site and over time we have expanded considerably. We now have a great team all 100% dedicated to the site and have made some great connections across the Hungarian Football network. Born in England, my Hungarian connection is my Grandfather, and from a young age he lectured me about how good Hungary once were. Ever since I’ve been hooked by the nation, writing for various publications on Magyar Foci and meeting some great people. Hopefully we can get back to them great days in the future! Hajrá Magyarok! (Twitter: @TMortimerFtbl)

Gaby Kovács (Co-Editor)

After talking to Tom via Twitter for many months, back in 2011 I was asked to write a piece for the website, following a game I attended in Hungary. Having kept most of my Hungarian football thoughts to myself for years, I found myself writing with passion and enthusiasm about the sport I love in the country I adore. Tom has trusted my articles without question, and placed massive faith in me, which I will truly be grateful for forever, as the doors working for the website has opened for me, and the amazing people in the football community on twitter I now call friends, has made my life complete (Twitter: @DJGabyG)

Fraz (Head of Media & Design)

Having spent many a year with nobody to talk to about Hungarian football, I finally came across the site via Tom and Gaby on Twitter. After sharing my opinion about Magyar foci I was asked to write a profile for the club I follow, which I happily set about doing. It was upon submitting this, that Tom and Gaby realised I had a history in media design. From there, having done some design for the site, I was asked to fill a new role on the team which will allow me to do more media and design work. I can’t thank Tom or Gaby enough for trusting in my ability, for giving me this exciting opportunity, or for allowing me to be part of the family (Twitter: @magyarorfraz)

Bence Bocsák (Chief Features Writer)

I wrote articles for my own website about Hungarian football until Gaby contacted me via twitter and asked me if I was interested about writing for the site. Obviously, I was a big fan of so it was an offer that I couldn’t refuse. I’ve been living in England for some time now however, I try to travel back home as much as I can to meet relatives and watch football matches if I have the time. I am the Chief Features Writer for the site and write articles that reflect my opinion about anything that has happened in the world of Hungarian football lately. The opportunity to be working alongside Gaby, Tomasz and Frazer is one that I am very much relishing. (Twitter: @HungarianFoci)


[h3]Guest Contributors[/h3]


Arne Johnsen – Norweigan football fan (Twitter: @ArneJJohnsen)

Brendan Husebo – Editor of Almost Norweigan (Twitter:  @BrendanHusebo)

Dominic Norris – Co-Editor of the SFUnion (Twitter: @DommNoris)

Enikő Vass (Translator)

James Appell – ITV Sportswriter (Twitter: @JamesAppell)

János Afánál (Twitter: @LilakGillsBhoy)

János Müller – Editor of Magyar Legiosok (Twitter: @MagyarLegiosok)

Joel Sked – Editor of the Red One (Twitter: @Sked21)

Niklas Wildhagen – Regular Contributor to the Bundesliga Fanatic (Twitter: @NorMusings)

Peti Simon – Hungarian Football fan

Phil Teddy – Sport Coaching Programme Coordinator at Smaller Earth (Twitter: @philteddylfc)

Roland Pangert

Simon Furnivall – Editor of the Lovely Left Foot (Twitter: @SFurnivall)

Simon Peach – Press Association Sport journalist (Twitter:  @SimonPeach)

Steve Scott – Hungarian Football fan (Twitter: @MagyarSteve)