Magyars in MLS - Week 3

It's another addition of Magyars in MLS, Week 3 edition.

New England Revolution

No Nemeth news this week. The rumors of his transfer to another club were quiet this week. Instead, the news being promoted is his being called up for the Magyar National Team.

DC United vs Houston Dynamo

DC United had a home game at a makeshift stadium this weekend. They came out with a 2-2 draw. Zoltan Stieber put in another 70 minutes before being subbed off. You can see the highlights below.

Chicago Fire vs Minnesota United

Nemanja Nikolics and the rest of the Chicago Fire went further north to Minneapolis-St. Paul for a cold one. They came up short losing 2-1 to start the season with a couple of losses. OUCH! Not the start they were hoping for.

Sporting Kansas City vs San Jose

Sporting had another winning game at home. They beat the visiting San Jose Earthquakes 3-2. While the score looks close, SKC controlled most of the match. Daniel Salloi was once again instrumental in SKC success with an assist and about 80 minutes of work. Even the local SKC commentators are impressed with his maturation and contributions on the field.

There will be no updates next week, as there will be no Magyars in MLS. Nemeth, Nikolics, and Stieber have all been called into the senior national team friendlies. Salloi has been called into the Magyar U21 team.

Magyars in MLS - Week 2

This is your weekly edition of Magyars in MLS for week number two.

NE Revolution versus Colorado

The first game of the day on Saturday was the home fixture for the New England Revolution against Colorado. Both teams have new managers this year. Our Magyar here is Krisztian Nemeth.

It was a strange week for Nemeth as rumors are floating around that the New England Revolution are floating him around the league to see if someone wants to take him. So, for those of you not familiar with MLS and its structure, the league owns the player contracts. So, think of MLS as one big corporation and each club is like a subsidiary of the corporation.

Being shopped to another team is like transferring an employee to another factory that can absorb his salary. In the case of Nemeth, he is being shopped because he is on a $1 million contract. His wages are high for New England player considering the team have been historically known to be cheap.

That being said, Nemeth came on as 75th minute sub for New England. Every touch and pass was positive for the time he was on the field. He demonstrated how he is in a classs of his own relative to his teammates. New Englad won the game 2-1 on a last minute free kick at the top of the box.

Brad….Nemeth is one of your better players.

Chicago Fire versus Sporting Kansas City

Well, this was the game of the weekend. Both of our Magyar players on the field contributed positively to their teams performance. The game ended in a roller coaster 4-3 win for Sporting Kansas city.

First blood was drawn by Sporting Kansas City who went up 2-0 in the first half. Daniel Salloi set up Kansas City’s 2nd goal with a run down the left wing with a nice pass on the ground to the trailing Russel who finished with aplomb. Salloi would prove to not be done as he contributed to the win in the end.

Nemanja Nilkolics and the rest of the Chicago Fire looked like a team playing their first game of the season. Oh wait….that’s exactly what they were doing, playing their first game of the season. Their play was disjointed, slow, and pretty frustrating to watch. Nikolics did not see much of the ball in the first half.

In the 2nd half down 2-0, they made a better effort to get themselves back into the game. It took the Fire another 20 minutes to find any semblance of hope. With the help of Sebastian Schweinsteigger, his cross found the head of their new Serbian import Katai to make it 2-1. Then things got real interesting.

Shortly after their goal, a Katai corner kick found the head of Dax McCarty who’s header was too hot to handle for Melia and Nikolics gladly put it into the net for him. Score is now 2-2.

Nikolics was not done. In the 81st minute, Brandon Vincent volleyed a cross right into the the 6 yard box for Nikolics to blast into the goal for his 2nd and the Chicago Fire’s go ahead goal. It is now 3-2.

But alas, the Fire lead would not last for long. SKC would equalize as their new goalie spilled more balls than your little brother spills milk on the table. SKC tie it up in the 83rd to make it 3-3.

Just when you think it may end in a tie, the younger Magyar Salloi sets up the final Guitierez goal with a back heel pass in the box to finish off the Fire 4-3.

Man….what a game. Salloi is growing up. He is looking far more comfortable and making a positive impact in the game. Nikolics? He just knows where to be and scores goals when they are needed.

So, the Magyars of SKC beat the Magyars of the Chicago Fire.

Atlanta United versus DC United

Not much to report here. It was a game that Stieber and his teammates were the training dummies watching the Atlanta United ping the ball around them like a steel ball in a pinball machine. Stieber’s contribution was limite to 60 minutes with very little impact on the game.

DC United would lose 3-1, but it could have been far worse for them. Atlanta had a lot of near misses to the 3 they were able to finish.

That’s this week’s Magyars in MLS update.

Magyars in Major League Soccer (MLS) - Week 1

It's Still Cold Here

Major League Soccer started its new season this weekend. 2 out of 4 Magyars saw action this weekend in what is always the coldest weekend to start. While Europe is digging out from the Beast from the East, the US East Coast was recovering from its Noreaster. So, let’s take a look at what happened on the weekend.

Chicago Fire

All we can hope is that Nemanja Nikolics was in his pijama watching all his competitors on week 1. The Chicago Fire were the only team who did not play this weekend. Chicago’s season opener will be on March 10th against Daniel Salloi and Sporting Kansas City coached by Hungarian-American Peter Vermes.

So, next weeks report should be interesting.

New England Revolution

New England has a new Manager this year. Many will remember the name Brad Friedel from his time in the EPL at Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur. He is now testing his UEFA licenses as Manager of the New England Revolution. So far, the Manager had a challenging start to his new coaching career. The Revolution did not have a good day. 2 red cards and 2 goals conceded made for a disappointing start against the Philadelphia Union.

Krisztian Nemeth’s contribution was sitting on the bench for the whole game. Hey Nemeth. He knows how to score goals.Daniel Salloi of Sporting Kansas City

Sporting Kansas City

Sporting hosted NYFC at home in a good game. Sporting has seen an almost complete roster overhaul.

Sporting went down 2-0. Daniel Salloi started the game on the bench. He came on in the 2nd half and almost sparked a comeback. He drew a penalty but the video review referee said it was a clean tackle. Salloi looked good in the time he spent on the field.

Salloi and Vermes face Nemanja Nikolics and the Chicago Fire next week.

DC United

Zoltan Stieber started and lasted 60 minutes for DC United in a 1-1 draw against Orlando City in Mickey Mouse land. A good start for DC United on the road.

MLS does great article on Hungarian influence at Sporting Kansas City

We all know about Peter Vermes, the current manager at Sporting Kansas City. He spent his Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.14.46 PMsummers in Budapest playing street soccer, played professionally at Gyor in Hungary, in Spain, the Netherlands and the United States. His Father played on the great Honved Team in the 1950s before the revolution. just wrote a great piece on the influence of Hungarian soccer at Sporting Kansas City and how Nemeth has been on the radar for quite some time.

It just so happens that Nemeth’s youth coach at MTK is now an academy coach at Sporting Kansas City. Istvan Urbanyi tells a great story on discovering Nemeth while he was at Gyor. He recruited him to play at MTK and helped his professional career along. Vermes also knew of Nemeth while he was a youth player. He even considered going after him, but Nemeth went to the Liverpool academy instead.

Nemeth has been on Vermes’ radar for quite some time. So, it is not a coincidence that he has found his way to Sporting Kansas City. His goal on the weekend has drawn some attention from around the league. It was a lesson in how a predatory striker should behave in the box. As I pointed out to one of my youth coaching friends here, “Nemeth is a real striker. He just has that instinct to put away the goals."

It’s a great article. It’s a great compliment to Nemeth and Hungarian Football. Check it out here.

Nemeth scores his 1st goal in MLS

It was a game of set pieces. The only way the ball was going into the goal was through set pieces. Philadelphia Union came into Sporting Park in Kansas City to upset Sporting Kansas City. They were on their way too. In a matter of minutes, the scored on a corner kick to go up 1-0.

It took KC about 12 mintues before they could answer. Dom Dwyer scored his 1st of the season on a corner kick to tie the game 1-1. Philadelpia’s Aristeguista replies with, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” 3 minutes later, he scores on another corner kicking for Philadelphia putting them up 2-1.

The scorline stayed at 2-1 for most of the game. Sporting Kansas City just could not get hold of the midfield to put any real pressure on the Philadelphia defense. Johnny Medranga started in place of Nemeth who is recovering from injury. Nemeth replaced Medranga in the 64th minute. The Columbian showed some energy, but he does not have the same class as Nemeth whose touches immediately made a difference.

It looked like Philly were going to walk away with 3 points. But, Sporting KC kept fighting. They were rewarded. In the 1st minute of 6 minutes of stoppage time, Jalil Anibaba scores on a corner kick to tie the game 2-2. Then, moments after play restarted, Sporting KC won another corner which Nemeth fights off his defender to get around and poke into the goal. Sporting go up 3-2 in the 3rd minute of stoppage.

Sporting Kansas City had a woefult game, but pulled it out in the end. Hopefully we will see more.

If You Build It, They Still Will Not Come

While this weekend did see some excitement at the new Fradi Stadium on Üllői út, named after some insurance company, the question remains, where were the fans?

The stadium holds 22,000 fans, yet the most popular club in the land could only draw 12,000 fans to the game. I am sure the rest of them were either at lake Balaton enjoying a beautiful August day or the remainder were too cheap to purchase a ticket and watched it on TV.

Debrecen, the other club to get a brand spanking new stadium, a beautiful one at that, could only get about 3,800 people into the stadium. I have not heard what Orbán the Great has to say about this.

Ray Hudson, a Geordie who now lives here in the United States was recently interviewed by the Newcastle newspaper. He correctly points out that Football is entertainment. People today have many choices for their entertainment. Generally, the 1st step is to have a good product on the field. The general sentiment I hear from my relatives when we discuss Hungarian football is an emphatic, “Magyar foci ez szar” (Translation: Hungarian Football is shit). So, they need to tackle this problem.

All the games are televised. For years, I have heard the complaints that people do not go to games. Here in the US, the NFL has a simple policy. If the game is not sold out, the television is blacked out. If you want to see the game, you have to go to the stadium. With digital delivery of television today, it would not be hard to do. So, in a market like Debrecen, it would be easy to black out the broadcast of a game. In Budapest, you could do the same.

An exchange student, who spent time here in the states, we were Skyping during one of the qualifiers. I asked him, you didn’t go to the game? He said no, he stayed home and watched it on TV. National team games? Blacked out, unless sold out.

Ray Hudson has it right, Football is entertainment. Right now, Magyar foci needs to do a better job of competing for those entertainment Forints and hearts of Magyar foci fans. It should be a pastime sport that has a game day culture that anyone can enjoy - not just Hooligans.

Not to be all Debbie downer, here was a great goal scored by Zoltan Gera: