NB1 Matchday 21 Referee Appointments

Haladás v Újpest

Referee: Andó-Szabó Sándor

4th Official: Horváth Zoltán (F)

AR:: Ring György, Tóth Ii. Vencel

AAR:: Szilasi Szabolcs, Németh Ádám

Budapest Honvéd v DVSC

Referee: Berke Balázs

4th Official: Márkus Tamás

AR: Varga Zsolt, Lémon Oszkár

AAR: Vad stván, Nagy Róbert

DVTK  v MTK Budapest

Referee: Erdős József

4th Official: Szalai Dániel

AR: Viszokai László, Becséri Gergely

AAR: Solymosi Péter, Nazsa Tamás

Paksi v Mezőkövesd Zsóry

Referee: Szőts Gergely

4th Official: Szalai Balázs

AR: Varga Gábor, Szert Balázs

AAR: Pintér Csaba, Zierkelbach Péter

Vasas V Gyirmót

Referee Karakó Ferenc

4th Official: Medovarszki János

AR: Buzás Balázs, Horváth Róbert

AAR: Farkas Ádám, Gaál Gyöngyi

Ferencváros v Videoton

Referee: Szabó Zsolt

4th Official: Albert István

AR: Berettyán Péter,  Georgiou Theodoros

AAR: Iványi Zoltán, Gyarmati Tibor

Week 20 Referee Appointments

Videoton v Újpest

Referee: Péter Solymosi

4O: Balázs Buzás

AR: Zsolt Varga; Támas Markus

AAR: Zoltán Iványi; Attila Molnár


Gyirmót v Paksi

Referee: Balázs Berke

4O: Gábor Varga

AR: Balázs Huszár; Péter Kóbor

AAR: Szabolcs Szilasi; Tibor Gyarmati


Mezökövesd Zsóry v DVTK

Referee: István Vad

4O: Gábor Kormányos

AR: István Albert; Péter Berettyán

AAR: Sándor Andó-Szabó; Eszter Urbán


MTK v Budapest Honvéd

Referee: Csaba Pintér

4O: Krisztián Király

AR: Vencel Tóth; Balázs Szalai

AAR: Gergely Szöts; Gyöngyi Gaál


Vasas v Haladás

Referee: Ferenc Karakó

4O: Gergely Becséri

AR: LázslóViszokai; Georgiou Theodoros

AAR: Zsolt Szabó; Katalin Kulcsár


DVSC v Ferencváros

Referee: Ádám Farkas

4O: Balázs Farkas

AR: György Ring; Balázs Szert

AAR: Ádám Németh; János Takács

The pride of 2016

2016 turned out to be a proud year for Hungarian football, the National Team qualified for the Euro’s for the first time since 1972. Not many believed they would progress beyond the group stage but a win v Austria & draws with Iceland and Portugal saw them not only progress but finish top of the group & advance to the knockout phase. A 4-0 defeat v Belgium in the round of 16 saw them head home, where they were rightly welcomed as heroes. Finally, an entire generation of Hungarians have their own heroes to cheer instead of “living off of the memories” of the mighty Magyars of the 50’s. Not that the great team will ever be forgotten but it’s fantastic to see Hungary putting themselves back onto the International football map. We have a success to build on now.

It’s not only our National Team who did us proud in 2016, however. Our top referees have been quietly making their mark in the International game, making history and generally just making us very proud of their achievements.

Viktor Kassai, our top male referee also went to the Euros and stayed longer than the National Team, with his final appointment being as 4th official at the final between Portugal v France. This following his 4th official appointment at the men’s Champions League final between Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid. Referees only get awarded the CL final once in their career, an honour Viktor received in 2011, so a 4th official appointment on a subsequent final is considered a big honour. Not content with a successful Champions League campaign and a successful Euros he followed this up with being the only UEFA referee representative at the Club World Cup in Japan, where he continued his run of prestigious 4th official appointments at the final there on 18th December between Real Madrid v Kashima Antlers. Whilst there he also took the opportunity to make history by making the first decision using VAR’s (video assisted refs) in an official FIFA tournament, you can read about that one here:  http://www.hungarianfootball.com/2016/12/kassai-makes-history-japan/ Then finally to top off an already incredible year he was named the IFFHS 2016 world’s 3rd best male referee! We are very proud of you Viktor!

Katalin Kulcsár, our top female referee was determined not to let the boys take all of the glory! Katalin’s success, despite already having a FIFA U-17 World Cup final in 2009 under her belt, has really been building these past 3 years starting with a quarter final in the 2013 UEFA Women’s Euro’s between Italy v Germany, appearances at the FIFA U20’s Woman’s World Cup in 2014 and a group stage appearance at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015. Season 2015/16, her 6th consecutive season in the Champions League saw her refereeing a quarter-final first leg between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain in Spain, before being awarded the honour of refereeing the 2016 UEFA Women’s Champions League final between Wolfsburg and Olympique Lyonnais. If you have not watched the game, then please find some highlights on youtube – she was exceptionally good! This success was followed up by a semi-final appointment between Korea DPR v United States in the FIFA U20 2016 Women’s World Cup in November 2016. Her incredible year was then topped off by being named the IFFHS 2016 world’s best female referee! Add in she is the youngest to ever receive the reward and the first Hungarian to win it! Well done Katalin, we are very proud of you!

My wish for 2017 is that the dinosaurs in charge of the MLSz finally wake up & realise what a wonderfully talented referee this young lady is and promote her to the NB1. She has the ability, the talent to handle these games, she has shown that by reaching the heights that she has on the International scene. Yes, women’s football is different from the men’s game in many ways but no-one can honestly say that the standard of football played in the NB1 is of a higher standard than in the Champion’s League – women’s or not! So, come on MLSz judge her on her talent & achievements & not her sex, any other country FA would be embarrassed to only utilise the world’s official best female referee behind a goal line acting as an AAR to male colleagues that she is certainly equal to, if not better than in a few cases!

Of course, it’s not all been positive, well depending on your point of view of course! As a nation, we have lost one of our best ever Assistant Referees, Gábor Erös, to enforced retirement. Whilst FIFA have relaxed their retirement age of 45, the MLSz have not followed suite and Gábor made his final appearance in the NB1 on 12th December in the last game before the winter break between Ferencváros v MTK Budapest. His International retirement came on Thursday 24th November in a Europa League match between Athletic Club v US Sassuolo Calcio. It came a match day early so that he could bow out with his good friend Viktor Kassai by his side. See our article here: http://www.hungarianfootball.com/2016/11/end-eros-gabor-eros-retires/ Gábor has been a referee coach and mentor for Komárom-Esztergom county, a role that he will hopefully continue in. His retirement is a huge loss not only to International football but also to our domestic game, let’s hope the MLSz have the sense to utilise his incredible knowledge & experience in a beneficial way to our future referees and Assistant Referees.


Katalin Kulcsár world's number 1 female Referee

What a fantastic year for Hungary’s top woman referee, Katalin Kulcsár! The 32 year old was named as the IFFHS 2016 World’s Best Woman Referee. Kulcsár won huge support from football experts in 56 countries around the World in the 5th Annual IFFHS Women’s Awards. It was a very close ranking, Kulcsár had only 5 points more than Katarina Monzul (winner 2015) and Bibiana Steinhaus (winner 2013 and 2014),  6 points more than the canadian Carol Anne Chenard ! 

Kulcsár began her international career in 2005 and made quickly such progress that she was given control of FIFA U17 World Cup final 2009, of all great international tournaments and finally the UEFA Champions League final 2016 between Lyon and Wolfsburg. She is the youngest referee to win this award and she leads a ranking where all continents are represented. That shows the fantastic development of the Women Football in the World.

Bibiana Steinhaus , winner 2013 and 2014, took second place like 2012 and 2015. So she has been in the World’s Top 2 for 5 years.

Congratulations Katalin, what a fantastic achievement, we are very proud of you.

Now we just need the dinosaurs at the the MLSz to start appointing Katalin to games in the Hungarian domestic leagues based on her refereeing ability and not her sex! I hope this will prompt a promotion to the NB1, as a referee, where she belongs.

Ranking 2016

1 – Katalin Kulcsar (Hungary)             58 points

2 – Katarina Monzul (Ukraine)           53 points

2 –  Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany)      53 points

4 – Carol Anne Chenard (Canada)      52 points

5 – Pernilla Larsson (Sweden)             26 points

6 – Teodora Albon (Romania)             24 points

7 – Riem Hussein (Germany)              23 points

8 – Esther Stäubli (Switzerland)         21 points

9 – Stephanie Frappart (France)        20 points

10-Olga Miranda (Paraguay)               11 points

11-Gladys Lengwe (Zambia)                10 points

11  Lucila Venegas (Mexico)                10 points

11  Claudia Umpierrez (Uruguay)       10 points

11  Ok Ri Hyang (Korea DPR)              10 points

11  Carolina Vitulano (Italy)                 10 points

16-Olga Zadinova (Czech Republic)    9 points

17-Kate Jacewicz (Australia)                 8 points

18-Efthalia Mitsi (Greece)                     4 points

19-Rita Gani (Malaysia)                         3 points

20-Anna Maria Keighley (New Zealand) 1 point

Viktor Kassai world's 3rd best referee

What a year for Hungary's top male referee, Viktor Kassai. A successful Euro's, 3 very high profile 4th official appointments (Champions League Final, Euro's final and Club World cup final) and now officially named as the 3rd best referee in the world.

Mark Clattenburg, who was the referee of the two most important matches of the year in Europe, the Euro final and the Champions League Final, has been named as the world number 1. The 41 year old began his referee career in the english first division on 1999 and became an international referee on 2006. He was the referee of the Olympic Games Football final in London 2012 before his great year 2016 with the two european finals and also the English Cup final. He was for the first time in the Top 10 last year (6th) and made this great jump in 2016. He is the second english referee to win this Award after Howard Webb, winner in 2010 and 2013.

The italian referee Nicola Rizzoli, winner 2014 and 2015, is second of this ranking like 2013, with Viktor Kassai coming 3rd.

Selected editorial offices and experts from 56 countries around the world took part in the 2016 annual election of the top referee, the 30th time it has been carried out by the IFFHS.

Clattenburg won this ranking with a large margin before Rizzoli and Viktor Kassai ,the hungarian winner of 2011. Behind the top 3, Jonas Eriksson, Cuneyt Cakir, Björn Kuipers, Felix Brych and Martin Atkinson confirm their usual performances since many years.

Europe dominate this ranking this year but South America (Pitana and Ricci), Central America (Ramos), Africa (Gheas and Diedhiou) and Asia (Sato) are also present with great referees.

Congratulations Viktor. What a fantastic year for our top referees.

Ranking 2016

1 – Mark Clattenburg (England)            141 points
2 – Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)                            65 points
3 – Viktor Kassaï (Hungary)                     55 points
4 – Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)                   43 points
5 – Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey)                         28 points
5 – Björn Kuipers (Netherlands)             28 points
7 – Felix Brych (Germany)                        26 points
8 – Martin Atkinson (England)                20 points
9 – Damir Skomina (Slovenia)                 19 points
10 – Nestor Pitana (Argentina)                14 points

11 – Sandro Ricci (Brasil)                          12 points
12 – Carlos Vellasco Carballo (Spain)       8 points
13 – Grisha Gheas (Egypt)                          7 points
14 – Malang Diedhiou (Senegal)                5 points
14  – Cesar Ramos (Mexico)                       5 points
16 – Ovidiu Hategan (Romania)                 3 points
17 – Sergei Karasev (Russia)                       2 points
17     Clement Turpin (France)                    2 points
17     Simon Marciniak (Poland)                 2 points
17     William Collum (Scotland)                 2 points
21 –  Ryuji Sato (Japan)                               1 point
21      Milorad Mazic (Serbia)                       1 point

Viktor Kassai to referee Cairo derby between Zamalek and Ahly

Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai has been appointed to officiate at Thursday's Cairo derby between Zamalek and Ahly in the Egyptian Premiere League, the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) announced on Tuesday.

This will not be the first time that the 41-year-old Kassai has been to Egypt, having previously refereed last season's Cairo derby in February, when Ahly defeated Zamalek 2-0.


Zamalek sits third in the Egyptian league table with 34 points, eight points behind leaders Ahly, who have played two matches more.