Referee Appointments for the NB1 Match Day 20

Budapest Honvéd v Puskás Akadémia
2019.02.09 - 17:00
Budapest, Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion
Ref: Vad II. István
4O: Varga Zsolt
AR: Kóbor Péter, Horváth Róbert
AAR: Bognár Tamás, Pillók Ádám

Paks v Szombathelyi Haladás
2019.02.09 - 17:00
Paks, Paksi Fc Stadion
Ref: Solymosi Péter
4O: Szalai Dániel
AR: Szalai Balázs, Becséri Gergely
AAR: Németh Ádám, Zierkelbach Péter

Mezőkövesd Zsóry v MTK Budapest
2019.02.09 - 17:00
Mezőkövesd, Mezőkövesd Városi Stadion
Ref: Berke Balázs
4O: Medovarszki János
AR: Ring György, Vígh-Tarsonyi Gergő
AAR: Takács János, Csonka Bence

Mol Vidi v DVTK
2019.02.09 - 17:00
Székesfehérvár, Mol Aréna Sóstó
Ref: Pintér Csaba
4O: Csatári Tibor
AR: Szert Balázs, Lémon Oszkár
AAR: Karakó Ferenc, Molnár Attila

Kisvárda Master Good v DVSC
2019.02.09 - 17:00
Kisvárda, Kisvárda Várkerti Sporttelep (Várkert Sportpálya)
Ref: Kassai Viktor
4O: Varga Gábor
AR: Bornemissza Norbert, Garai Péter
AAR: Bogár Gergő, Lovas László

Újpest v Ferencváros
2019.02.09 - 19:30
Budapest, Szusza Ferenc Stadion
Ref: Farkas Ádám
4O: Szécsényi István
AR: Albert István, Berettyán Péter
AAR: Szőts Gergely, Szilasi Szabolcs

FIFA Referees primed for spring duty

UEFA’s top European male and female referees have been in training in Lisbon – preparing for the second half of the campaign, as well as for the introduction of video assistant referees (VAR) in the UEFA Champions League. Hungary's 2 elite officials, Viktor Kassai and Katalin Kulcsár were amongst those attending.

A challenging second half of the season awaits Europe’s top referees – with UEFA confident that the match officials will take an important period for refereeing in their stride.

Referees at a discussion session

The 122 male and female referees – 46 of them newcomers to the international list - have spent the week in Lisbon at UEFA’s latest annual winter gathering, in preparation for assignments in UEFA’s club and national team competitions over the coming months. Balázs Berke and Katalin Sipos were attending as new comers.

For top European male match officials on the advanced course, the four days in Portugal saw training and fine-tuning work for the imminent introduction of video assistant referees (VAR) in the UEFA Champions League, starting in the Round of 16, which kicks off on 12 February.

Referees reviewing an incident on screens as part of their VAR training

Last year, VAR was incorporated into the Laws of the Game by football’s lawmakers, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), following trials in major competitions. The video assistant referee reviews decisions made by the referee in certain key match situations with the use of video footage and a headset for communication.

UEFA’s Executive Committee decided to introduce VAR in UEFA competitions last September, and the committee took a subsequent decision in December for VAR to be deployed from the start of this season’s UEFA Champions League knockout phase. In addition, VAR is to be used at this season's UEFA Europa League final in Baku, the UEFA Nations League Finals in Portugal in June and the UEFA European Under-21 Championship final tournament in Italy in the same month.

A VAR simulator session

The referees took part in specific practical training sessions and simulation sessions involving recorded footage of actual matches, practising reviews in particular. Study sessions on recent incidents in UEFA matches, using video clips, also included discussions on potential VAR situations. “VAR will provide an important help to match officials,” said UEFA’s chief refereeing officer Roberto Rosetti. “It’s a big step forward for Europe’s referees, and we are ready for the challenge.”

In addition to VAR preparation, the referees were encouraged to be decisive and firm in fulfilling their crucial role on the field. Instructions given to them included the need to protect players from serious injury caused by reckless challenges, as well as to safeguard the image of the game by, for example, acting firmly against cases of dissent or mobbing.U

“We don’t need nice or popular referees,” Rosetti said. “We need strong personalities with a professional attitude, who show courage in taking decisions and act as role models for other referees around Europe”.

UEFA chief refereeing officer Roberto Rosetti

The international newcomers received a full briefing into what UEFA expects from them as they start out on their journey. “You should be proud, because this is a very important time for you,” Rosetti told them. “Be yourselves – look for improvement every day, don’t try to copy others, and enjoy this moment.”

The new referees were also given wise words of motivation by two officials who have reached the European summit – Germany’s Felix Brych and Switzerland’s Esther Staubli – who advised them in particular about their important role as ambassadors for UEFA and European football.

Esther Staubli and Felix Brych gave new UEFA referees sound advice

Fitness training was a key item on the agenda in Lisbon, with the newcomers in particular tested in sprint exercises and undertaking the yo-yo intermittent endurance test – the aim being to check their physical condition. “Challenge yourself to make progress – we are there to help you,” UEFA referee fitness expert Werner Helsen told them.

Female referees in training

During the course, referees were reminded of the need for consistency and uniformity in decision-making. The new officials in particular were informed of the standards that UEFA expects of them as they set on what they hope will be long and successful careers.

The week ended with an inspirational moment – courtesy of special guest Beatrice Vio, the Italian wheelchair fencer who has won the world, European and Paralympic titles in recent years..

The 21-year-old, who at the age of 11 had both legs amputated from the knee, and both arms from the forearms owing to meningitis, was given a standing ovation by the referees for her stirring story of courage and determination to overcome adversity and achieve sporting success. “If you referee, you are doing it because you love it,” she told the officials. “Believe in yourselves, and believe that what you are doing is right.”

Beatrice Vio was an inspirational special guest ©UEFA

Source: UEFA

Referee Appointments for the NB1 Match Day 19

MTK Budapest v Paks
2019.02.02 - 14:00
Budapest, Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion
Ref: Bognár Tamás
4O: Horváth Róbert
AR: Berettyán Péter, Varga Zsolt
AAR: Szilasi Szabolcs, Zierkelbach Péter

DVSC v Újpest
2019.02.02 - 17:00
Debrecen, Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion (Nagyerdei Stadion)
Ref: Vad II. István
4O: Márkus Tamás
AR: Albert István, Medovarszki János
AAR: Karakó Ferenc, Takács János

Mol Vidi V Puskás Akadémia
2019.02.02 - 17:00
Székesfehérvár, Mol Aréna Sóstó
Ref: Kassai Viktor
4O: Szalai Balázs
AR: Georgiou Theodoros, Kóbor Péter
AAR: Pintér Csaba, Radványi Ádám

DVTK v Mezőkövesd Zsóry
2019.02.02 - 17:00
Miskolc, DVTK Stadion
Ref: Szőts Gergely
4O: Vígh-Tarsonyi Gergő
AR: Tóth II. Vencel, Buzás Balázs
AAR: Lovas László, Csonka Bence

Szombathelyi Haladás v Kisvárda Master Good
2019.02.02 - 17:00
Szombathely, Szombathelyi Haladás Stadion
Ref: Bogár Gergő
4O: Szécsényi István
AR: Lémon Oszkár, Varga Gábor
AAR: Molnár Attila, Pillók Ádám

Ferencváros v Budapest Honvéd
2019.02.02 - 19:30
Budapest, Groupama Aréna
Ref: Berke Balázs
4O: Király Krisztián
AR: Ring György, Szert Balázs
AAR: Németh Ádám, Iványi Zoltán

4 Hungarian FIFA referees away on UEFA courses

Viktor Kassai and Katalin Kulcsár, our 2 elite referees, are due to attend the UEFA 27th Advanced Referee Course later this month. The course is due to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. They are due to arrive for the course during the evening of Sunday 27th January with the course lasting until 31st January. The main topic on the men's course will be VAR, which is due to be implemented from the Champions League knockout stage.

Kassai has already been named as one of the 24 elite referees eligible to be appointed for games involving VAR, either as referee or in the VAR role itself. He is the only one of our referees eligible. Neither István Vad nor Tamás Bognár are attending the course and will therefore remain ineligible.

Balázs Berke and Katalin Sipos will be heading to Lisbon the day before our elite referees, to attend the UEFA 28th Introductory Course for International Referees. The new referees course starts during the day of 27th January and also runs to the 31st. During the course Katalin Sipos will be required to take her English test, Balázs Berke has already passed his English test. All FIFA level referees are required to be proficient in English.

Due to the overlap the new referees will have the opportunity to meet and train with the more experienced referees. All 4 will be required to take and pass their FIFA fitness tests during the course.

It should be noted that if they do not travel back to Hungary until Friday 1st February, it is not inconceivable that they will be missing from the appointments when the NB1 returns on 2nd February.

FIFA updated referee list officially released

FIFA have published the full updated list of referees and assistant referees who will appear on the FIFA list for 2019. As previously reported Balázs Berke has replaced Sándor Andó-Szabó on the mens referee list. As expected Balázs Szalai has replaced the retiring Zsolt Varga and Gergő Vígh-Tarsonyi has replaced Oszkár Lémon on the men's list of Assistant Referees. On the women's list, Katalin Sipos has replaced Gyöngyi Gaál, who has retired, and Noémi Baráth has been added to the list of Assistant Referees. Annamaria Tolnay has been added to the Men's Futsal referee list. The full list is below.

Congratulations to all of the newly promoted match officials.

Referee - Men

  • Viktor Kassai (Elite Category)
  • Tamás Bognár (First Category)
  • István Vad (First Category)
  • Ádám Farkas (Second Category)
  • Balázs Berke (Third Category)
  • Ferenc Karakó (Third Category)

Assistant Referee - Men

  • István Albert
  • Péter Berettyán
  • Balázs Buzás
  • Theodoros Georgiou
  • Péter Kóbor
  • György Ring
  • Balázs Szalai
  • Balázs Szert
  • Vencel Tóth
  • Gergő Vígh-Tarsonyi

Referee - Women

  • Katalin Kulcsár (Elite)
  • Katalin Sipos
  • Eszter Urbán

Assistant Referee - Women

  • Noémi Baráth
  • Judit Gavalla-Kulcsár
  • Katalin Török
  • Anita Vad

Referee - Men's Futsal

  • Balázs Farkas
  • Gábor Kovács
  • Norbert Szilágyi
  • Annamaria Tolnay

Referee - Beach Soccer

  • Csaba Baghy
  • László Legeza

Péter Solymosi voted NB1 referee of 2018.

Csak Foci have announced the result of the votes for the NB1 referee of 2018 and my personal favourite NB1 referee, Péter Solymosi, was the clear winner with 4/12 votes cast. István Vad came 2nd with 2/12 votes, whilst Viktor Kassai, Balázs Berke, Ádám Farkas, Zoltán Iványi, Ádám Németh & Csaba Pintér all received 1 vote each.

The votes were as follows (listed by club in table order):

Kubatov Gábor (President - Ferencváros)
Vad II István

Garancsi István (Owner - MOL Vidi)
Berke Balázs

Szima Gábor (Chairman - DVSC)
Solymosi Péter

George F. Hemingway (Owner - Honvéd)
Solymosi Péter

Berta Csaba (Managing Director - Újpest)
Farkas Ádám

Zakor Sándor (Owner - MTK Budapest)
Kassai Viktor

Tállai András (President - Mezőkövesd)
Solymosi Péter

Haraszti Zsolt (Managing Director - Paks)
Vad II István

Komjáti András (Club Director - Puskás Akadémia)
Pintér Csaba

Leisztinger Tamás (Owner - DVTK)
Iványi Zoltán

Révész Attila (Sports Director - Kisvárda)
Németh Ádám

Tóth Miklós (Managing Director - Haladás)
Solymosi Péter

Congratulations Péter.