Shynder banned for 4 months

Shynder Anton, of Kisvárda has been handed a 4 match ban following an ill disciplined and unseemly incident with match referee Pintér Csaba. In the 29th minute Shynder committed a foul and was correctly issued with a yellow card. His response was to approach the referee aggressively, shouting at him before ‘touching heads with him’. It was not a headbutt per se but it most certainly crossed over the boundaries as to what is and is not acceptable behaviour. He was quite rightly immediately issued a straight red card. Credit to his team mate Lucas who absolutely berated him for letting the team down.

The matter was looked at by the MLSz Disciplinary Committee on Tuesday at their weekly meeting who have subsequently banned him from all footballing activity for a period of 4 months. He will next be eligible to play in the last game of the Autumn season on 15th December 2018 in Kisvárda’s home game v MTK Budapest.

Praise must be given to the MLSz Disciplinary Committee for their strong stance in relation to this incident. Not only does it send out a strong message to all the players in the NB1 that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated towards their referees but it also sends out a message to the referees that the Federation will support them when these thankfully rare incidents occur.

During the hearing, the red card for serious foul play for Shynder’s team mate Berios Theodoros,  was also reviewed with the decision to ban him for a total of 3 matches.

Kisvárda do not have the best of disciplinary records so far this season. Vari was sent off in the first game, so just 4 games in and they have already received 3 red cards, 11 yellow cards and conceded 3 penalties, all the decisions have been correct. The new manager needs to work on the teams discipline as a priority!

The incident can be seen from around 2.50 in.