Speaking to István Beregi, Match Analyst at MTK Budapest

MTK Budapest secured their passage back to NB I a couple of weeks ago, so we caught up with their match analyst and friend of the site István Beregi to talk about their season in NB II.

Hey Istvan! Congrats on promotion! Did you expect to coast to the title so comfortably?

First of all, thank you very much! Well, before the season I certainly did not expect, although I was confident and almost sure that we are going to get promoted. After some games I have seen that we represent a different quality in this league and after our fantastic first half of the season we knew that the only question is if we are going to be champions or not. Even at that time I thought that our last home game, against Kisvarda might be a final for that, although seeing their weakening form in the first games at March/April we knew that it’s only a matter of time that we are going to be champions.

Sometimes it’s hard for players to find motivation against lesser sides at small stadiums in front of small crowds, was that ever a problem this season for MTK?

Luckily, it wasn’t. The whole team was really focused until the very end, thanks to the great mentality that our staff and players have represented. We were really goal-oriented through the whole process. The team selection could also facilitate this, since there were a lot of rotations, and everybody had the chance to show their quality.

What’s it been like working under Feczkó and what’s changed at the club this season?

I’m really enjoying the work with him, because of 2 big reasons: he gives me full freedom in my work (e.g: what clips do we show for the team about the next opponent etc.), and he listens to my ideas & opinions, and also has the need from me to give him ideas about specific systems or movements we could use. I think that there is a much more positive atmosphere at the club from a mental point of view. Tactically, we are trying to get back to the classic MTK philosophy (bigger focus on possession and short passing), implying it in a more modern way (more aggressive pressing game).

What was the feeling after going out of the cup? Proud or frustrated?

Both. I felt proud, because we were an equal opponent of this really good Újpest (the later winner), and frustrated because even with winning the second leg we couldn’t get through the semi-finals. I believe the game showed us that we are on a good path, but also showed the areas in what we must improve or change.

How much have do you think the team have grown this season, and how much have you personally grown this season?

Mentally, the whole team has grown a lot. The way I see it the club has profited from this relegation since there has been a change of thinking and rejuvenation, exactly what we really needed. Personally I created a much better connection with the players, which has given me a lot of positive reinforcement and confidence in my work, and in the way I see the game.

What was your favourite moment of the season?

Definitely Bence Deutsch’s screamer against Újpest. A fantastic goal from a fantastic guy, and also a fantastic team performance. The way the whole team gathered together after that goal shows what kind of team we are.

How would you rate the season out of 10?


Do you believe you need to make many signings in the summer to achieve your goals in NBI next year?

Not many, but definitely a few is necessary. As a promoted team the biggest priority of course is that maintain our place in the NB1, although our staff and players are much more ambitious than that, therefore I think subconsciously everyone has bigger goals for the next season. There are some positions where we would like some new faces, but we want to base everything on the team we created this season.

Are the likes of Kanta and Torghelle going to stick around? And will they be first teamers?

Since they are still an important part of the team, we are counting on them for the next season as well.

Questions from Twitter

What do you think of Tamás Deutsch’s leadership of the club? Does he interact with the playing and coaching staff much? – @crusader120

From the staff he only interacts with the head coach, but mainly with the management (sports director, owner etc.). His interview (DigiSport – Reggeli Start) after our relegation was harsh, but also fair, and that motivated me really much. From that I could say that he saw the situation well, and that he will do everything for the change of thinking inside the club.

What do you think of the current state of youth development in Hungary? – @crusader120

Improving, but we are still far behind. There are more and more talented young people working in professional football, who does their best to change the culture from a mental and professional view as well. It’s nice to have improving conditions (pitches etc.), but the most important is the professional work itself. Until we can’t change and improve that, our football is not going to get significantly better.

Is he going to come back to Twitter? We miss his annotated stills – @NathanAClark

I’m on it, but I can’t say for sure. Trying to remove my suspension, although it takes a long time. I miss Twitter as well, though I try to keep up with everything I can.

What are your expectations for next year back in NB I? – @malevolent_goat

That’s tough. As I wrote earlier there is a big hunger for success inside the team, and based on that we could be a surprise for the next season. Personally I believe, that our style of play will be a novelty in the league, which could lead us to greater positions and results for the upcoming season.

How do you see the Hungary NT progressing? Will they ever reach the heights of the Magic Magyars? Also, what’s the next big tactical trend in football? – @cityzenforlife

To be honest, I wouldn’t like to comment on our NT team too much. The way I see it we are on a wrong path, but the bigger issue is that I can’t see the basic direction neither.

That’s tough to predict. I believe there is a huge potential in set-plays that are not really utilized yet. From a defensive point of view I see some great possibilities in using defensive or pressing traps. Offensively I think that manipulating the defensive system with specific movement and player rotations is the area that holds some nice opportunities for the future.