NBI – Round 16 Preview

Written by Paul Treso

Armed with a shot of UNICUM to help my month long sore throat, this is my first post and maybe last depending on the editor..   NOTE:  Please if you see American or Hungarian football, wear warm clothes, yell when appropriate but, and this is a big BUT, “Do not go to Karaoke afterwards”.  If you do sing, do so within your range.  George Michael has a high, special voice to sing and I do not have it.  Is it Christmas yet, thank goodness no?   So why did I sing “Last Christmas”? Probably because it was a DIVE BAR but it shot my voice so here I am in written form.

WARNING:  These predictions are gut feelings, no research such as the great Chris Barrett, and don’t use this to become rich. It won’t happen as Hungarian soccer is like a box a chocolates, you never ever never “know what you are going to get.”

Balmazújváros–Haladas, Balmazújváros, Városi Stadion

Ferenc Horvath is a persistent and good manager.   He was given a raw deal at Videoton but which manager has not been given a bad deal there> Another new foreign manager in Hungary.  Welcome Michal Hipp who has a decent resume or CV as they say.  Why not make Gabor Kiraly a player-manager?

No idea what to expect in this game.  So the easy choice then is…


Paks–Ferencvaros, Paks, Városi Stadion

The battle of the green teams.  Paks are very tough at home.  I have to praise Thomas Doll for having FTC playing better football lately.  That was a bit difficult as I have not praised Doll much.  Csertoi gets every ounce of skill from his players which often times isn’t much to begin with sadly.  Doll could use this skill.

With that sad, a very difficult game to call.  So rather than making the easy choice, it is a rare Paks defeat at home.

1-2 Ferencvaros.

Mezőkövesd–Vasas, Mezőkövesd, Városi Stadion

Wow a manager change  for Mezokovesd  made  on my Hungarian’s aunt’s birthday.  I will miss Miklos the prior coach and his cool Slovakian Hungarian accent.  He was a good coach with a bad team  Place  him on FTC and he maximizes their potential.  Put Doll in his place and Doll have been fired much sooner than Miklos.

Welcome Kuttor Attila to NB1 football, hope it’s not just a half season for your sake and no sack.

Vasas has a great manager  who plays the kids and gets what football is all about.

With that said, Mezo make it a game for 60 minutes, then all hell breaks loose and Vasas  go crazy.

1-3 Vasas

PAFC–DVTK,  Felcsút, Pancho Aréna

Pinter is not a bad Hungarian NB1 coach. It’s his level.  But Tamas Bodog is what  Hungarian soccer needs.  An honest coach who is direct and blunt in his assessment of players.  His experience playing and coaching abroad make him a future coaching star. Beautiful empty Pancho arena will not help the home team.

SIDE BAR, a little town I work in Dos Palos (two poles), California  has a good restaurant named Pancho’s.  I went there in  August and  thanks to the menu  found that Pancho= Ferenc in Spanish. I’m sure many of you knew this long ago but it just hit me then.  Why couldn’t I figure out that Puskas played in Real Madrid so Pancho was a natural easy nickname?

Tough game in battle of the minds.  Depends which team come to play.

1-1 as bad weather decreases goals and skill of play, which can’t  get any lower in NB1, can it?  We shall see…


DVSC–Videoton(Tv: M4 Sport),   Debrecen, Nagyerdei Stadion

What a difference a good coach makes.  Who would have thought Debrecen would be in the top 3?  If you did please stand up.  Yes nobody not even DVSC fans.  Masterful job by András Herczeg.

Videoton has the better, inconsistent team.  They draw in Belgrad get embarrassed in Felcsut.  Sorry old wounds…

In this game the Hungarian heart makes the difference along with  the home fans.

2-1 DVSC

Újpest– Honvéd (Tv: M4 Sport) Budapest, Szusza Ferenc Stadion

Should be fun match but depending on the weather in Pest who knows?  If games ended at 70 minutes UTE would be in 1st place, but we all know football games last 90 plus minutes.

Both teams have quality coaches  even if teams are inconsistent.  Coaches don’t play games they set the game plan, try to adjust but in the end they can’t kick the bal.

Tough game at Ujpest.  Flip a coin on this one.  1-2 Honved but could easily flip a 2 forint coin and make it 2-1

1-2 is my coin flip.