Former Liverpool youth player Nathan Ecclestone interview

Nathan Eccleston, formely of Liverpool, Blackpool, Huddersfield Town, Charlton Athletic, signed for Bekescsaba in the Hungarian NBI in the winter transfer window. He gave an interview to  Nemzeti Sport which was published on 10th February. Below is the translated transcript courtesy of Wearebetting

What are your first impressions of Békéscsaba and Hungary?
Full of positive experiences so far. When I arrived in Hungary to prepare for the first time I watched a game at Békéscsaba, then I started to train and went to Turkey with the team team. For now, I spend most of my time at the hotel.

How do you like your team?
It’s clear that the players don’t have too much confidence at the moment. However, during the preparatory meetings we showed we can play football well. If we correct our attitude and be organised, the results will come.

Did you previously know the head coach Zoran Szpisljak? 
No, my agent is in connection with Tamás Vaskó and Zorana from England. He heard that they needed a striker, so I came here.

Where have you been before Békéscsaba?
For six and a half years I played football in Liverpool, and played in the Premier League as well. I then spent two seasons in the Championship, and played in League One as well. I then went to Partick Thistle in Scotland and then onto Kilmarnock. I had the opportunity to play football in Thailand or Australia, but did not want to go that far, I would like to stay in Europe, I thought it’d be better for me.

In England was Nemeth your teammate?
Krisztian Nemeth, who a few years older than me and was on the reserve team when I was in the youth. We practiced and played a few games together. Krisztian Nemeth was the big name at Liverpool. I was surprised that he did not get in to the first team. Krisztian Adorjan was also my team-mate for a year.

Are you disappointed you didn’t make it in the Premier League?
I’m not at all disappointed. It’s a secret blessing to consider all possibilities that life has offered  me. Whether in England, Scotland and now in Hungary. If you have a passion for football, every opportunity must be seized.

Would you like to play again in England?
Every footballer dreams about it, of course I will not give up my desire. I experienced what it’s like to play at that level, it would be good again. But as I said, to be a professional footballer is a blessing in itself.

Because that’s what everyone wants to do?
Exactly! We’re paid to play football. It’s a blessing. I’ll do my best to become better and help the team.

On Saturday you play Ferencvaros. What do you know about the club and the Hungarian league?
I’ll be honest, not much. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube, I understand that on Saturday that the league leaders come to us, which is one of, if not the biggest club in Hungary. We are not afraid of them. We play eleven against eleven, the table will be irrelevant. Anything can happen.

Returning to England, do you remember any Hungarians playing there?
I know that Liverpool now have Hungarian goalkeeper, Adam Bogdan. Besides him, Gabor Kiraly – he was a true legend! The first Premier League match I played, against Fulham, Zoltan Gera was one of the opponents.

Well then you can have a similar opportunity on Saturday…

Because he now plays for Saturday’s opponent,Ferencvaros.
Really? Wow, I did not know! I hope I can debut against him again.

Do you know any Hungairan words yet?
Yes, but I don’t think it should say it, it’s a pretty ugly expression…

How long you are planning Békéscsaba?
Well here I’ve got the chance to get a regular game. I would like to do well in the game score goals and get assists to help the team. The contract is only half a year, until the end of the season. We’ll see at the end of the season where we can evaluate my performance and see how we feel. If we manage to stay up and I enjoy the football here, I might stay.