MLS does great article on Hungarian influence at Sporting Kansas City

We all know about Peter Vermes, the current manager at Sporting Kansas City. He spent his Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.14.46 PMsummers in Budapest playing street soccer, played professionally at Gyor in Hungary, in Spain, the Netherlands and the United States. His Father played on the great Honved Team in the 1950s before the revolution. just wrote a great piece on the influence of Hungarian soccer at Sporting Kansas City and how Nemeth has been on the radar for quite some time.

It just so happens that Nemeth’s youth coach at MTK is now an academy coach at Sporting Kansas City. Istvan Urbanyi tells a great story on discovering Nemeth while he was at Gyor. He recruited him to play at MTK and helped his professional career along. Vermes also knew of Nemeth while he was a youth player. He even considered going after him, but Nemeth went to the Liverpool academy instead.

Nemeth has been on Vermes’ radar for quite some time. So, it is not a coincidence that he has found his way to Sporting Kansas City. His goal on the weekend has drawn some attention from around the league. It was a lesson in how a predatory striker should behave in the box. As I pointed out to one of my youth coaching friends here, “Nemeth is a real striker. He just has that instinct to put away the goals.”

It’s a great article. It’s a great compliment to Nemeth and Hungarian Football. Check it out here.