Hungarian National Team Journey To Brazil Falls Short

Today is the final game for the Hungarian National Team’s World Cup 2014 qualification.hungary fall short in world cup qualifying

As my colleague Gaby pointed out, there is still a chance, wink…wink. (There really is not a chance). See, if Turkey lose to the Netherlands and Estonia beat Romania and the Trianon Treaty is overturned, we will qualify. (The Trianon reference is a joke people, calm down).

So, what can we expect today? Well, we no longer have a Manager, as Sandor Egervari resigned in the 80th after the team resigned after the 57th minute against the Netherlands.

So, today is Hungary’s consolation game against little Andorra. Once again, Hungarian fans will be disappointed with the latest World Cup qualification campaign. There will be no Piros, Feher, Zsold in Brazil. (Red, White, Green).

Things started out brightly for us though. In the first phase of qualification, Hungary was doing rather well.

2012 was a much better year for the Magyar National team. We started out great with a 5-0 defeat of Andorra away. Then, as expected, we lost to the Dutch at home 3-1. No problem, we have more games to go and anything can happen. Then, we went away to Estonia to steal 3 points away. Most of us are thinking, “Hey, we may be able to do this.” Then, we beat Turkey at home! Holy mother of God! We have a chance. If we beat Romania, we could go all the way. But alas, we could not get the job done at home. We allowed Romania to score a late goal to tie us at home 2-2. And, we still had to beat them in Bucharest. Next up was Turkey in Istanbul. We came away with a point going 1-1! But that 2-2 result against Romania would prove to be the lost opportunity.

Then, came the fall matches. The big game in Bucharest did not go well at all. All the pre-game bravado from the fans ended in a major disappointment with a 3-0 loss. Those of us that have been following the team for the past decade knew what it meant. It was over. So, we still watched the Estonia game at home. Hungary came away with a 5-1 win. Then, we think, “Maybe we can beat the Netherlands?” Oh no!!! It becomes the worst defeat in Hungarian football history with an 8-1 loss. Egervari promptly resigns.

Today is the consolation game with Andorra and a very remote chance that we will get the 2nd place spot for a playoff. Once again, the long suffering Hungarian football fans left to wait for the resurrection of the Golden Team. Well, maybe not the Golden Team. Hell, if we could compete like say, Czech Republic or even Croatia, I think we would all be happy.

I will still watch the game today live on here in the US. Follow @djgabyg for live updates today on Twitter. I am sure he can tell you where to watch the game online.

Let the rebuilding begin and the search for a new manager to take us to the promise land of European Qualification! Ria Ria Hungaria!

Sep 7 FT Andorra 0-5 Hungary 600 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2014)
Sep 11 FT Hungary 1-4 Netherlands 22,000 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2014)
Oct 12 FT Estonia 0-1 Hungary 3,500 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2014)
Oct 16 FT Hungary 3-1 Turkey 26,000 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2014)
Mar 22 FT Hungary 2-2 Romania 400 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2014)
Mar 26 FT Turkey 1-1 Hungary 46,000 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2014)
Sep 6 FT Romania 3-0 Hungary 45,000 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2013)
Sep 10 FT Hungary 5-1 Estonia 15,000 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2013)
Oct 11 FT Netherlands 8-1 Hungary 50,000 WC Qual – UEFA (Group Stage 2013)