In conversation with Videoton’s Arturo Alvarez

Videoton have a real international feel to their squad with players from all over the globe. One of those players is an El Salvador international who started his career in the MLS before arriving in Hungary via Portugal. Having played for San Jose Earthquakes, FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake before a spell with Paços de Ferreira, Arturo Alvarez has really taken to life in the Hungarian 1st division with consistently good performances that has made him a regular on the team sheet. Gaby Kovács caught up with him last week for a chat.


How did your move to Hungary come about?

I wasn’t getting a lot of minutes at Pacos de Ferreira and I wanted to play so Videoton had just hired Jose Gomes and he brought me in on loan for 5 months.

What knowledge of Hungarian football did you have beforehand?

I didn’t know much about the Hungarian league before coming here but I did see Videoton in the Europa League and was really impressed with their performance so it made it easier to come here.

What where your first thoughts when you arrived at Videoton?

My first thoughts were that it was very organized club with the ambition of being the best team in Hungary and its always good to join a group of players with the same idea.

How disappointing was the early elimination from European competition considering last seasons success in getting to the group stages?

It was very disappointing because personally I wanted to play in the Europa League group stage but that’s the way soccer is sometimes and you just have to keep moving forward. So far we have put that behind and put all our focus in the Hungarian championship.

What do you think can be done to strengthen the Hungarian 1st division?

I think the Hungarian League is a strong league that not many know about. One way to make it better would be getting more fans at the stadiums. I don’t see many advertisements for the league around the city (that being I live in Budapest). Another thing is building new stadiums, which some teams are starting to do and is good for the league.

Hungary has an incredible football history compared to America yet crowds in America are far above ours, why do you think that is?

MLS did a good job in making soccer specific stadiums for every club in the league. I think that has played a major role in getting more people to the stadiums. I remember playing in American Football stadiums that hold 60,000 people and when we played it felt like the stadiums were completely empty.

Which players in Hungary do you think can go all the way to the top leagues in Europe?

I have only been here 6 months or so but I think there’s a lot of players in Hungary who can play in other top European leagues.

What has been your highlight so far playing in Hungary?

I think making to the League Cup Final.

What has been your lowest point whilst here?

Losing the League Cup Final 5 – 1.

Do you plan to stay in Hungary or do you still see yourself playing in another country?

I’m always trying to get better and if a possibility to go play somewhere better comes up then I would but for now I’m really happy here in Hungary.

What is your favourite thing about Hungary?

Favourite thing in Hungary would probably be the bridges that connect the city of Budapest, especially the chain bridge.

What is your favourite Hungarian word or saying?

I don’t have a favourite word. Any word I learn is important because the Hungarian language is really hard to learn.

What is your favourite Hungarian food?

Beef Goulash soup in the winter. would like to thank Arturo for his time and wish him every success this season.

You can follow Arturo on Twitter, @artieart10