In conversation with Zoltán Stieber

Winger Zoltán Stieber is a former Aston Villa player who found himself playing in Germany’s second division with TuS Koblenz before moving on to Alemannia Aachen, FSV Mainz and his current club Greuther Fürth, who start next season in the Bundesliga after winning the second division. We caught up with the Hungarian international this week for a quick chat.


Can you tell us what it was like playing for Újpest ?

I only played for the youth team, but as a child it was my dream to play for Újpest.


How did the move to England come about?

I played in the U-16 national team and my old manager had contacts in England, so he helped me move there.


How frustrating was it playing for Aston Villa and never getting a chance despite impressing so much?

I was young and hoped to get my chance, but I realized that this chance was not going to happen.


Do you think you moved to England at to young an age or has it helped you develop?

I learned a lot. I think it was the right step to take at the time and I would do it again.


What made you move to Germany? were there offers from other clubs in England?

I had a few clubs interested in me but I thought a new country would be good for my development.


You have certainly impressed while in Germany, what are your hopes for next season and the future?

I want to play as much as possible and put in good performances, then I hope to get back in the national team and with Fürth I hope we can stay in Bundesliga.


How did it feel to make your debut for Hungary?

Every child dreams of playing for the national team. I want to play more often for my country.


Do you think we can qualify for the World cup in Brazil and do you think you can be a part of that?

I think when I play regular I will be in the team and I think also that we have good chance to qualify.


Do you still watch the Hungarian 1st division?

When I have the time, I still watch. Some friends of mine play in the first division.


Which Hungarian club do you support?

Újpest, my old club.


What do you miss most about Hungary?

My family and my friends.


What has been the greatest moments of your career so far?

My first match for the national team and my first match in the Bundesliga. That was a game in Mainz against Leverkusen which we won and it was a perfect debut for me.


Who are your favourite Hungarian players, past and present?

Puskás is a legend. I have a photo with him which he signed, that makes me proud.


Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

When I was a child I tried to be like Roberto Baggio. He was my idol.


As you are playing for a newly promoted club, do you think there is less pressure on you this season?

You have always pressure.

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