Kassai was good. His crew? Not so much

The big Hungarian Football news this week took place at Euro 2012 during the game between host nation Ukraine and England.

Now my colleagues in England may admonish me for my thoughts. Here in the USA, we were taking bets to see if the English team would implode against Ukraine. After all, recent history is filled with major disappointment for English fans. No major trophy since hosting the World Cup in 1966. No success at European Championships. Their greatest contribution to the USA is long ball football that Juergen Klinsmann is trying to get out of us. (Sorry…I digress)

The big news of the game was the Hungarian officiating crew of Viktor Kassai. Now, it is of our humble opinion and the opinion of others that Kassai individually, did a good job managing the game. He was on top of what was happening in the field of play. He gave out yellows where appropriate. And, did not let the game get out of hand. As a referee myself, I learned a lot by watching him.

His crew? Well, that was a different story. There were a couple of off-sides that were missed. Most notably, the one that led to a breakaway for the Ukraine. Joe Hart came out to stop the shot which deflected off of him and looped over into the goal. John Terry came in and appears to have cleared out it. However, when you watch the instant replay, it appears the ball crossed the line.

Now, being a referee myself, I feel bad for the guys running the sideline. At the beginning of the play, the distance from where the ball was played and the player that was offside, it is hard to call at ground level. Was it an obvious off-side? On replays, it was. However, in real time, it could have been a difficult call.

The ball crossing the line is a similar situation. The speed of play on the goal line happened so fast that it was probably a tough one to call in real time. However, you and I have the benefit of instant replays.

Upon further review, we have found the real reason for the oversight of the extra linesman Istvan Vad. The evidence is here:

Author Unknown – Will credit if contacted

Now, we an only assume that Istvan was so overtaken by this Ukrainian beauty that he forgot why he was there. One can only imagine that he does not get of Hungary that much.

The end result. To the surprise of many over on this side of the pond, England were saved by a Hungarian referee crew. The Hungarian crew were sent home.  Istvan Vad? Certainly, the English will put a statue up for him. It could be the missed call that helped propel them to an appearance into the final.

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