Akos Buzsaky’s Underrated Performance vs Manchester United


Buzsaky had to keep a keen eye on the ginger haired maestro, Paul Scholes

Written by Tomasz Mortimer at Old Trafford

Akos Buzsaky may be known for his powerful shots, his deadly free kicks and exquisite passing, but yesterday with QPR down to 10 men against league leaders Manchester United, he was forced to play in an unaccustomed, more disciplined role.

Buzsaky lined up as part of a 5 man midfield alongside two defensive players in Shaun Derry and Samba Diakite. From the off, QPR came with a game plan to stop Man United playing through the middle , and when Rangers launched a rare attack, Akos was always the man breaking from midfield to try and join in the play.

However, this all changed when the QPR captain, Shaun Derry was sent off for a contentious foul on United’s Ashley Young.

Rooney dispatched the penalty to make it 1-0, and QPR faced a mountain to climb being a goal down and a man down with 75 minutes still to play.This is when Buzsaky’s role was completely transformed.

With the defensive Derry now off, and with one less man now in midfield, the Hungarian international was forced to play just in front of his back four.

Mark Hughes had obviously instructed his midfielders to sit as deep as possible, just in front of his two centre backs, to prevent United from playing through them. This restricted United to look for the wings with in their attacks, and with some many men behind the ball. QPR were fairly comfortable at dealing with the pressure.

Akos had one of the hardest roles – having to prevent Scholes from conjuring his magic, and this role changed after the red card. Scholes was superb again for United, but only on rare occasions was he able to thread balls through the middle. With 11 men, Buzsaky was pushed up on to Scholes, doing his best to disrupt the United man and tried to foil his playmaking abilities.

However, as soon as Rangers were down to 10, the Hungarian constantly stood off Scholes allowing him time and space, but by doing this he took up a position in front of his back four so the ginger haired maestro was unable set one of his strikers free or get a shot on goal. Interceptions are a very underrated part of the game, and Buzsaky yesterday made several important ones on the edge of his own area. Scholes may have found his way through a couple times, and also scored a goal, but it was no coincidence that it came from a corner for which Buzsaky was stationed on the post.

It was testament to his performance that he remained on the field for just his third full game this season, and that his midfield partner, Samba Diakite was the one replaced. And even though he didn’t do anything spectacular, his passing was precise and simple, and he was constantly a calming presence in a side who looked either petrified, or bereft of confidence. It really was an underrated display, in a position completely unnatural to him, and in my opinion, he was QPR’s man of the match.

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