5 Postmatch Thoughts on Videoton 3-2 Sturm (Aggregate: 3:4)

Videoton FC

Tomasz Mortimer gives 5 postmatch thoughts on Videoton 3-2 Sturm

1. Great going forward, poor at the back – As is the story with every Hungarian side in Europe, in the league, or at youth/international level, Vidi were great going forward, but every time Sturm launched a rare attack it looked like they were going to score. Sturm’s first came from the players switching off and not playing to the whistle, the second from a corner. If Vidi are to go anywhere in Europe next season, they MUST improve their defence.

2. Idiotic Linesman – For Sturm’s first goal (the goal which pretty much killed the tie), the ball deflected off Videoton’s Mitrovics and ran into the path of Wolf who ran through on goal, but as the ball was landed at Wolf’s feet, the linesman’s flag was raised. Vidi players stopped, Sturm carried on and consequently put the ball in the net, and the goal stood. Yes, the correct call was made, the goal was awarded, and the Sturm player was nowhere near offside but with linesman being 5 yards away from the Videoton players and raising his flag it would make even the most experienced defenders stop in their track. Bad luck for Vidi and I hope that lino gets a big ticking off in the morning.

3. Why was Bozovic not playing? Again? – Mladen Bozovic was one of the best goalkeepers in NBI last season, which prompted interest from Fulham and Stoke City in the summer and is Montenegro’s number one but Sousa, again, decided to go with Tomas Tujvel who was extremely dodgy last week. Tujvel is ridiculously poor from crosses and was at fault for Sturm’s 2nd goal dropping a routine catch in front of Feldhofer, who swiftly dispatched the gift.

4. Poor Substitutes – Even though Sousa can probably credited with the success of tonight’s performance, his substitutes were very poor and were quite confusing. The decision to take off Andras Gosztonyi seemed like a crazy decision as Gosztonyi was causing all the problems for Sturm. As soon as he went off chances were few and far between. You could also point out that he should have brought on Nikolics and gone 4-4-2 sooner, but with Videoton’s shape not being the problem, I think Sousa made the right call for not to bring him on till the 78th minute – however to take Sandor off did seem like a strange one.

5. Best Performance I’ve Ever Seen From Vidi – Even though they went out, Videoton and Sousa should be proud of their display tonight. To beat a full strength Sturm side 3-2 is no mean feat, and their 11 shots to Sturm’s 3 shows how much Vidi dominated tonight. Sturm will probably go on and make it to the Champions League group stage so to say that Vidi were very unlucky not to go through is great testament to Sousa and his boys

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