When Greed Overcomes Ambition

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What’s more to be said that hasn’t already been said about Balazs Dzsudzsak? Well quite a lot actually.

Dzsudzsak has got unreserved praise in recent months thanks to his form for PSV, which in the first half of the season, was absolutely outstanding. He contributed with assists and goals, and he was quite easily one of the best players in the Eredivisie, prompting interest from big clubs like Juventus, Liverpool and Dortmund. But instead he’s chosen Anzhi Makhachkala, the big spenders from Dagestan, the ‘Manchester City of Russia’.

We all know why he’s chosen Anzhi, and that’s because of the money. Dzsudzsak has come out and said it’s great signing for a “team who has as much ambition as me” and that he’s not going for money but we all know that isn’t entirely correct. Yes, it’s true that Anzhi could qualify for the Europa League this season, and he could be playing in the Champions League the season after, but after all he’s still playing in Russia when he could have been playing in one of the best leagues in Europe, for a bigger club, with a richer history in the game.

The move completely reflects Dzsudzsak’s character, and his lack of ambition. His on field antics have got him into hot water with referee’s on countless occasions, and he seems to be very petulant, similar to that of Cristiano Ronaldo, and in recent months he’s been distracted by off field events which usually involve his girlfriend Linda. They’ve got a new show on Hungarian TV which takes a look at their showbiz life, and this showbiz life has affected his performances in the second half of the season for PSV. He’s been off colour and hasn’t looked anywhere near the sort of player he was in the earlier months.

The move has probably been influenced by Linda too, as she’s going to prefer to live in Moscow over Eindhoven. The Hungarian Posh & Becks anyone? The lad obviously has a lot of talent. He has a superb left foot, is a dead ball specialist taking corners, free kicks and penalties, scores a lot of goals and makes a lot of assists with his deadly crosses but he has been playing in a poor league, and I think that’s the reason why his international form has been so bad.

For Hungary he hasn’t looked nearly the same as he has been for PSV even against poor sides like Luxembourg, San Marino or Azerbaijan, but his form seems to be overlooked by manager Egervari who doesn’t dare drop or even take off his ‘star player’. He has popped up with some vital goals and assists like the last minute winner against Finland, but he always seems to be on the periphery of games and his defensive capabilities have been seriously found out on the international stage.

There’s a question we should ask ourselves here. Is the reason that he went to Anzhi because it was Anzhi or no-one else? He could obviously have stayed at PSV, but the Russian league is a step up compared to the Dutch even if it’s only a minor one. But what needs to be considered is that he may not have had another offer, as other teams may have been put off by his lack of discipline on the pitch, his poor performances for PSV and his off the field character. So is he overrated? Well this is a tough question. He has obviously performed superbly over the past couple of seasons for PSV, and like was said earlier, his left foot is up there with the best in the World. He can score from anywhere on the field, and can beat men fairly easily before whipping in a great cross, but would he be the same if he were playing in the English Premier League? Probably not, he just wouldn’t get the space, and that’s reflected on the international stage where he just hasn’t performed for Hungary.

There isn’t one game where Dzsudzsak has been man of the match, when he should be the one stepping up and delivering the goods. Anzhi have obviously got a great buy here, and he’ll be great in the Russian Premier League but it’s a very, very poor move for Dzsudzsak who should be furthering his career in a higher league. He’ll need to watch his back too as a fight for the National Team shirt might be just around the corner if Stieber starts to perform at Mainz.

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